Just a Day

August is a tough month, the beginning of August at least. Today is Michael’s Birthday, they say the pain of losing a child lessens as the years go by. They are wrong, the pain is always there we just become adept at hiding it.

I am incredibly adept at hiding any kind of emotional pain. To show any would be to show weakness. I can’t have that.

I will miss Michael until the day I die and can see him again. I have so many questions, will he still be a baby or do babies grow to adulthood in heaven? I don’t know but I’ll find out.

I have to be honest, I don’t really do anything on this day. Literally nothing. Some years are better than others, some are tougher.

The anniversary of my mom’s passing is this coming Sunday. The anniversary of my brother’s passing was August 3.

I do believe I’m done for today.

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