Day Three of the Juice Cleanse

Ok, so, I’m on day three of my 7 day juice cleanse. So far the results are as follows: no knee pain at all, all joint pain gone, stomach pains completely gone and my energy level is increasing.

Also I feel more alert, I haven’t had coffee since Friday and I have only gotten one headache. It was quickly dispatched with Excedrine for migraine.

This is a vacation for my mouth, no chewing, it is a vacation for my esophagus, a vacation for my digestive system. I can definitely see incorporating a two to three day juice fast once a month.

I love sweets and I haven’t had any cravings so far. This is amazing.

When I ordered the juices I had the option to have them change out one juice a day for a spicy one. I sat for a moment and quickly clicked the button. Today was ghost pepper. Ghost. Pepper. Me. The woman who doesn’t do peppers. At all.

It was so good! The only one I haven’t cared for so far has been one with turmeric in it. It was bitter, but I got it down.

I highly suggest this cleanse, I have 4 more days. I really can’t wait to see what the end brings.

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