So the roughness of this week comes to a close. I miss my mom more than I can say but I know that she was more than ready to go when she left this earthly plane.

On the anniversary of her going home I refuse to dwell on the negative of that event. Instead I’ll tell you about the positive influence she had in my life.

Without my parents I very literally don’t know what I would have become. My mom didn’t have to be my mom, she chose to be my mom.

She was kind, considerate, loving, smart, talented and funny. I wish I were more like her, instead I am way more like my dad.

I’ll be forever grateful Foy and Odella chose to be my mom and dad, I’m only sorry I didn’t get them for a longer period of time. I’m really happy my mom only had to live 10 years without her beloved Daddio.

If you still have your mom on this earth I have but one piece of advice. Listen to her, cherish her stories, ask to hear how she met your dad. My mom loves to tell the story of how she and my dad met. Watch how her face lights up when she talks about the love of her life.

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