Book Review

After a rough weekend I rounded it out with An Angel Told Me So by Wilma Jean Jones and Michael McAdams.

I firmly believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, I also believe God sends His Angels down here to give us messages. Messages of hope, strength and wisdom. I also believe God sends them to protect us, I know it sounds pithy in the wake of such tragedy that has happened around the country in the past few weeks, but i do believe it could have been much worse.

in this book, the authors are mother and son, and the messages that they get from what they refer to as spiritual teachers (I call them messengers from God), are heartfelt and instructive.

My mother told me a story once, it was after my dad died, she was grieving so terribly. She asked God for one more visit from her Foy, that night she said that a robed figure brought my dad to her, he told her to keep heart, that she would join him and they would be together again. He then hugged her and she said at that moment she knew it wasn’t a dream, because my dad gave her the extra squeeze no one else knew about.

My dad told me of a lot of times God gave him visions, so I believe that God talks to us. I believe He sends emissaries to convey messages to us.

The trick is to discern what is coming from the Lord and what is not, after reading this book i honestly believe that the messages the authors are receiving are from God.

I am going to include the line to the book on amazon, I highly recommend it, especially if your heart is troubled or especially, or you just feel like you need some answers.

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