Angie Vs Suddenlink

Sit right down and make yourself comfortable, let me tell you a little story about Angie Vs Suddenlink.

It all started last Wednesday, I come home to find my internet down. Really down. Not even a flashing connectivity light. I call, I know this is an outside issue, after all, this is what I do for a living.

I jump through their troubleshooting hoops, after all I realize they are just following a script. They finally decide to get a technician out.

They said Friday, I’m very understanding and say that will be fine. Then magically the appointment disappears and it will be Monday. I am not happy, at that point I try and explain I don’t even need to be home. It’s not in my home. The issue is outside, this is the point they became condescending and rude. I accept the Monday appointment because, well, murder is illegal in Texas.

Saturday rolls around and my phone rings, it is Suddenlink, they would like to continue troubleshooting.

Me: what?

Them: it’s your fault it isn’t working, you must have moved the modem.

Me: contemplating a life sentence. Nope. Not worth it. Send the tech.

Flash forward to Monday, today, I rush home, my appointment is from 4 to 6. I decide to call to check on it. The automated system tells me the tech will be there at 7.

This is the part where I completely lose my mind. I ask for a person. I finally get someone onshore. Who was very nice. I don’t know what she did but a tech appeared at my door 20 minutes later.

Are we all waiting for what the issue was? It was outside, at the terminal, in my yard. The neighbor moved and instead of disconnecting their service they disconnected mine.

All of this time it was their fault. I don’t think they realize how much not having the internet impedes on my private life.

No Chuck, thank goodness I have DVD’s. Lois and Clark to the rescue. No internet makes it harder to stalk er keep track of I mean follow in social media, Dean Cain.

I now have internet and I am once again at peace.

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