Lois and Clark Day

So today, September 12, 1993, I fell in love, with a television and an actor. Yes, 26 years ago today Lois and Clark, the New Adventures of Superman made its debut. Life would never be the same. Ok, so my life would not change dramatically but the show remains my favorite and the actor, Dean Cain gets better as he ages.

I remember eagerly awaiting the premiere as I have always been a huge Superman fan. I read the comics and loved the movies, cartoons and any form the story was told.

This particular incarnation came at a time in my life that was difficult. My dad passed away and I was going through a difficult divorce. Becoming a single mom with three little ones was not what I expected to happen but there we were.

For one hour a week we could all watch a wonderful show about my favorite superhero and forget about everything else.

Today I celebrate Lois and Clark, thank you for all you gave me.

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