I Remember

I was at work, listening to the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning show on Kiss FM in North Texas. One of my co-workers said Angie are you listening to the radio. I said yes, he said a plane just hit the World Trade Center. I said I think that must be a sick joke, I don’t think that’s real. Who would do that.

Then Kidd came on and said what had just happened, the whole office was in shock, then the second plane hit. Then we heard about the Pentagon, then Pennsylvania.

People in my office had relatives in New York they were frantically trying to contact. We all drifted to the break room down the hall where there was a television.

Numb is the word I would use to describe the emotion, the first plane we all chalked up to a horrible accident, then the second, the third and the fourth. We were under attack and we had no information.

All planes in the country grounded until further notice. Then the reports that it was a terrorist attack, Radical Muslims wanted take away the safe feeling we all have as Americans.

This is not a political post, I would like to focus on what happened on September 12, 2001. All differences were forgotten, we were one, we were all Americans. More flags were flying, we seemed to be a tad more courteous to each other.

Respectful, neighbors, friends, countrymen, we were all one. I, for one, like to remember that time, when we all came together to protect each other from an evil, outside force. On that wanted and still wants to take away our way of life, the best revenge we can extract on our enemies is to continue to be the best America we can be.

Protect our Civil Liberties, our rights, our freedoms, live our lives being the best we can be.

To all of my fellow Americans, I love you, I love our first responders who rush into danger for all of us. I love our military who protect us and fight for us every single day. Oh one thing, give those people a raise, they deserve it.

Let’s go back to loving and respecting each other the way we did on September 12, let’s never forget, let’s lift up the families directly effected to this day in the aftermath of this horrific attack. The children who never met their father or have no memory of their mother. Brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, best friends, never forget.

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