I had to process some things before writing (i.e. look up on webmd) about my physical.

First off my blood pressure was a little high for me. 110/70, it is typically 100/70, she did correct my medical records while we were there. Because she asked when my last period was and I just stared at her. 2001.

Then she said so that was your only surgery? Me: 👀👀, yes all four of my eyes just stared at her. I’m no 4 c-sections and an emergency one for tumors.

Ok, now we get down to business. My lungs and heart sound good, hello, non smoker here, no growth on thyroid, which means nothing. Then she said she wants me to go for a bone density scan, mammogram, colonoscopy and have bloodwork done.

Oh and meet with the nutritionist.

I did fast for this and I go over to the lab, right across the hall for the bloodwork. I will tell you this, I didn’t know this so it might be a public service announcement, biotin can mess with you readings on blood tests. It didn’t say what, but there you have it. I did stop taking all supplements about 5 days before, so I was all good. They took three vials of blood.

Next I call my ob/gyn, who has been my doctor since 1988, to find he has retired. And they have none of my medical records. They are all gone. He delivered two of my children and preformed 2 other surgeries. And all of my mammograms have been done there.

Not happy is an understatement.

I did look up hypothyroidism on webmd and I have a lot of the symptoms. Just sayin.

I should have those results tomorrow. My problem is the colonoscopy. They want you to have someone with you and I have no one. They won’t let you ubber there or take a taxi. So now I’m kinda going hmmmm. I’ll have to figure this out.

The animals refuse to learn to drive, so I’m kinda stuck.

I’ll keep you updated on my tests as they come back.

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