Laundry Detergent and Other Things

Is anyone else a laundry detergent fan? I mean the different scents. Of course we should all be using laundry detergent. I can spend so much time on the laundry aisle in the store, finding the one I love the best.

It used to be Gain, that one smells so good, then, thanks to one Kellie Rasberry Evans and her husband Allen Evans podcast, A Sandwich and some Lovin’, I decided to give Grove a try.

Now this is not a paid endorsement or advertisement for either of those things. I just like to share things I find that I love, so I went on Grove and ordered their “starter kit”. All of their products are natural and for the most part chemical free and I’m really into that right now.

They sent Method laundry detergent, OMGEE, the scent was heavenly, Beach Sage. I fell in love with it so hard I took myself to Target and bought the fabric softener as well. If you have a chance and are as enamored with the different scents of laundry detergent as I am, go to your local store and look for it, then take the cap off and smell it. I promise you will not be disappointed, or and it really does get my clothes clean.

So, with my tendency to bury the lead, I have done so now, I did get my lab results back.

Are you ready for this? Normal. All of them are normal, thyroid, cholesterol, sugar levels, fat level, white blood cell count, all of it, things I don’t know what they are, NORMAL.

I was really expecting something different, maybe a little alien DNA, perhaps Kryptonian in nature (I kid, I’m not crazy), anything that could explain what is happening.

So this coming Friday I go in for hormone level checks and all of that good stuff, the Friday after, bone density check. I called for the colonoscopy and they were supposed to email me something and they did not, so I will call them back on Monday.

I have started taking all of my supplements again, collagen, HCG, vitamins, strangely I do not take calcium, I think that’s a little overkill. Oh and probiotics, along with drinking most of my meals. I am telling you the Flowsupps has literally saved me. Best protein I’ve ever tried, hands down, and I have tried many. So many, if you are like me and have a hard time finding one that doesn’t have an aftertaste and isn’t hard on your stomach and has a ton of protein, try them. Excellent product, once again, not a paid endorsement or advertisement, just sharing what I have tried and what works for me. I mix mine with cashew milk or almond milk, I go back and forth with those two.

On to the coffee situation, the Smooth Silencer from Black Riffle Coffee is low in acid and doesn’t give me heartburn, I only drink it on Friday and Saturday. I don’t drink coffee during the week. I do believe between the two, low acidity and cutting back is saving my esophagus. So there you have it, my updates, oh I do have something fun coming up on Thursday night. I’ll write about that tomorrow, it deserves its own entry.

As usual, any questions, comments or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at

Links for everything I mentioned, once again, I get nothing, just sharing. Oh the Kellie and Allen website has a lot of good deals on it. I thought I would share that as well.

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