Unpopular Opinions

We all have them. Unpolished opinions. I have a few.

1. Anything done with boomerang. It gives me a headache and makes me a little queasy. When I see something made with that I keep scrolling.

B. Summer. I hate the heat with a passion.

III. Sweet tea. It’s disgusting. It’s like drinking liquid sugar.

4. Gravy. Water and flour make paste, not food.

E. The Bachelor and Bachelorette. Both shows are devoid of anything resembling morality. I’m sorry but when you put a man or woman with 20 of the opposite sex and say pick one. Why on earth does everyone feel the need to make out with that many people??? It’s a whorefest. I stand by that. Both shows. Morally bankrupt.

That’s all I’ll admit to for now. I’m going to sleep. Talk amongst yourselves.

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