Ok, so, I am really in the not happy column with my BBFF.

I am going to relay the conversation in question and you all can tell me if I have said right to be, what is the word, incredulous, not in a good way.

Before I give you the conversation I am going to preface it with information. Just in case you don’t know the background. We have been best friends for over 21 years. While most people find it hard to believe a man and a woman can be platonically friends for that long, it is true. When we first met it was like oh, ok, you’re my friend, we instantly became friends. Through the years our friendship has strengthened, I consider him family. Speaking of, I think very highly of his family as well, quality, amazing people.

So there you have it, a smidgen of background, on to the story.

Me: so how do you explain me to your potential dates?

BBFF: (I could feel the sheepishness seeping from the phone right here) oh, hmmm, well, I tell them you are 15 years older than me and a grandma.

He actually used the word grandma.

Me: complete silence for a good 60 seconds. Floundering for words. Finally: How old are you?

BBFF: (so sheepish) 46.

Me: So math is not your strong suit? I’m 55, that is 9 years older and I am a Gigi!

At this point I am contemplating contacting his parents and letting them know they need to call the university they sent him to and demand a refund for any math classes they paid for.

It was a really good school so I’m sure they could recoup a good penny for those math classes!

While I do see his point that this would make explaining me a little smoother, as most females do not understand platonic friendships between men and women, I am still miffed.

Not everyone is like Harry met Sally, there are real friendships out there between the opposite sexes.

Good people, do I have a case to take to Judge Judy for judgement or is this a Judge Springer case. Maybe the Peoples Court, is that still even a thing?

I don’t know, I do know I am on the countdown for Dean Day. Very excited for that, it still doesn’t feel real, I feel confident, I didn’t Baio up meeting Jenna Owens.

I can do this, I will do this, I will be brave.

2 Replies to “Betrayal”

  1. Being called Grandma or a grandmother is my everything. I don’t care what you call kids have kids I can love and spoil. You can call me the wicked witch of the west and I don’t care as long as I have those wonderful darlings in my life. But then I know you do too, so this is really about the age thing. You don’t look or act 55, so don’t worry about it. I never thought I would live past 30, so I’ll take 64. The alternative of not getting older just doesn’t appeal to me!


    1. The actual point of the whole thing was my BBFF is adding years to my age and calling me grandma to somehow make me seem less threatening. However I don’t know any woman who enjoys being referred to as 6 years older than she is.


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