Best Friends Ever

I was talking to BBFF yesterday, giving him all of the skinny regarding my trip to Tulsa, when I said I was amazed at all of the support I have in my world. He said he was blown away by the friends that I have and the comments they made on my Facebook. I thought I would take a few moments and acknowledge a few people.

First off, my ex-in-laws, they are literally the best, when they saw Dean (that’s what I call him now) was going to be in Tulsa they snapped a picture of the newspaper article and sent it to me and said you have to go. They even offered their guest room to me if I didn’t have anywhere to stay. I love them so much, I don’t know if they really realize how much they mean to me and my children. I hope they do, they really are amazing people.

Then my Bestie Shay, who didn’t hesitate to volunteer to watch my animals, I’m not sure if she regrets that or not, Fat Catstard was incredibly menacing and Stormie kept bringing her food. She’s sure it was to fatten her up for a midnight snack. She persevered and survived as did the animals, they really told me about it when I returned home. Storm has not stopped Husky talking and Ronald (aka Fat Catstard) keeps meowing at me.

My BBFF who kept giving me pep talks so I wouldn’t Baio this up, which I didn’t. Yay him and yay me. Goal achieved.

My friend Michelle that I work with, my fellow dog lover, she has encouraged this since hearing me talk about Dean. Her heartwarming comments on my post and her immediate I’m praying for this made my heart sing.

Since my mom passed away the one thing I thought I was missing was someone praying for me. I couldn’t have been more wrong, I do have someone praying for me and it means the world to me.

My BFF Tammi, when I tell you she is the one keeping me from being completely hard hearted, I’m not kidding. Her unwavering belief in love over the years, no matter the trials in her life keeps me believing. She has never allowed anything on this earth harden her, my goal is to be more like her. With an open heart and less skepticism, it’s hard for me, but I try.

My friends at work, they all encourage me in my madness and they all are incredibly supportive and encouraging and love to plan my outfits.

My children for their good natured teasing and for their support in my insanity. I love them so much, I hope they know how much I love and adore them. They have been my world since the day they were born and continue to be so, even as I have given them their space to be who they are supposed to be, they are still my world.

So I have the best friends ever, the best family ever and I am still smiling, I literally cannot stop. Even with customers yelling at me and cursing at me, nothing can take my smile away.

I hope you have a great week, I hope you all have great friends the way I do, and protect yourself from evil genius cats.

So now I am done, I promise to talk about other things soon, but this literally has been the highlight of my year.

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