Absolute Power

Every time I open my banking app it says “What do you want the power to do?” Isn’t that an intriguing question?

The things I would do with absolute power, I added the absolute because well, it’s my world.

I don’t think I could be trusted with power, I’d be a despot, I’ve proven that before, ask anyone who’s ever seen one of my seating charts.

If I had absolute power I would not be working Friday. I changed my schedule this week to have Sunday off so I could meet Dean (that’s what I call him now). Worth it, I will say Friday’s at work are a little more hectic. Although I don’t really know what this Friday will bring as we start a new project tomorrow.

I am equal parts apprehensive and excited, I always like work that I can sink my teeth into and find resolutions for problems. That’s what we do in my office, take a puzzle and figure it out and fix things for our customers.

I love my job, I don’t always love the processes but we have an avenue to offer solutions for broken processes. So I still love my job, even with the imperfections.

Today we had visitors and one of the managers asked if they could sit someone with me to see what we do. I seem to be the one they sit people with, I think it’s because I’m funny. She was really nice and took lots of notes, then said she liked the way I answer the phone. Ok. There you have it, I’m good at answering the phone.

I am watching Lois and Clark right now, huge surprise, it’s the one with Tony Curtis. I met him years ago, he was really nice and very genuine and gracious.

I don’t think I’ve ever met a pompous actor or actress. I met Mary Tyler Moore at the same time, they were doing a movie together and she was really sweet as well.

I’m rambling now so I’m going to sleep, I hope you all have a great evening. Wish me luck with our new project.

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