Just Call Me Empress

Age is a great equalizer, we hear that a lot, but I will tell you what a real equalizer is, when someone’s internet or tv service goes down. That is the real equalizer, I see it a lot in my industry. People across the board, young, old, wealthy, poor, middle of the road, all turn into the same person when their services go down.

I see it a lot, I see a lot of human nature in my job, I can see where society can crumble in an instant. We have nothing but a sheer veneer of civility falls away quickly when something in our world doesn’t go the way we want it to, or think is should.

I’ll be honest, sometimes I understand that reaction, sometimes I do not, at times I look at what is happening and think if that is the worst thing that happens in your world, it’s going pretty good.

But at time I understand it due to the fact that I have been through it, I have lost my internet for almost a week and completely lost it when they called me and said they sent a signal to the modem. I had no sync! I lost my mind, or my civility at that point.

Here’s my question, if we lose our ability to confer civilly when a service is down, how do we expect to keep it during a real crisis?

No internet or television is not the end of all life, it does hinder a business, but I am talking just regular people, for this scenario we are just talking normal, everyday usage. Not emergency services or business, just residential.

Can we trust ourselves to act with civility during a real earth changing crisis? Zombies, nuclear winter, something of that nature. I like to think I would be a Rick Grimes, but he lost his civility several times. I would probably lose mine as well if my family were threatened, I know I would, there is no doubt about it.

I like to think I only lose it for important things, or when I have been pushed to my limit. There have been those instances in my personal life, I have been pushed to my limit emotionally and mentally and that was it, I have snapped. 

It takes a lot to push me to the edge but once I am there, all bets are off, that veneer of civility is completely gone. I suggest when that happens people leave the state of Texas. The whole state, it is never pretty and I can be ruthless, it is typically when I feel attacked or when my children are maligned in some way. 

I know without one doubt that I would survive in an apocalyptic world. I would be Empress, with Fat Catstard as my enforcer, Tess as the EIT (Empress in Training), BBFF as my majordomo. I am liking how this world is shaping up.

I’m going to go plot my takeover now. Have a great weekend. 

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