Musical Taste

As I was leaving work a teammate and I were discussing a few of our calls from today. I told him about a man I was helping and the music he was listening to. It sounded like it came straight from a 1970’s porn movie. He and I laughed then started talking about our playlists. He and I are about the same age and listen to a lot of the same music.

Then I started thinking about my playlist and it is pretty eclectic, I am going to give you a taste here. Just a few because one playlist has 101 songs on it.

Number One by Tove Stryke (my current favorite)

Is This Love by Whitesnake

Good as Hell by Lizzo

Count On Me by Bruno Mars

Alison by Elvis Costello

All Summer Long by Kid Rock (this song reminds me of my last free summer)

Lido Shuffle by Boz Skaggs

A Girl, A Boy and A Graveyard by Jeremy Messersmith

Feed My Frankenstein by Alice Cooper

Feeling Good by Nina Simone

If I Could Write by Phillips

Leaving on a Jet Plane covered by Jeffster

This is just a taste of the music I am currently listening to, there’s more, Andy Gibb is represented as well as The Backstreet Boys.

I like everything, I even admit to having some Tracy Lawrence and Tim McGraw thrown in.

I would love to know what everyone else is listening to, I find I am getting a lot of things from television shows and movies.

Music has played such a huge role in my life, I used to play the cello and bass. Sometimes I miss it, playing in the orchestra influenced my love of classical music. I love instrumentals to this day.

I am looking forward to sleeping later than 4:30 on Friday, the new work that we are doing in my office is mentally draining. In a good way, I come home tired and sleep hard, except for last night. Last night I had a horrible nightmare, it woke me up, not screaming but very disturbing.

I dreamed all of my children were little and we were home but we lived in the country. Someone put three snakes in our house and I had to find them and kill them before they bit my children.

One, a huge black snake grabbed Alex’s face and I had to pry it off. I did and I killed it and Alex was fine but it woke me up and I said prayers for Alex. I don’t know if God was telling me something or if I need to stop watching Prodigal Son before going to sleep.

If anyone can interpret dreams I would love to know what that one meant. I’m still a little freaked out by it, number one, anything that hurts one of my children has to go and number 2, I hate snakes with a passion. So it was a double whammy, I am hoping I have a better nights sleep tonight. How do you sleep without dreaming? If you know, please tell me.

I have to go now, I find I have to look up how to write a contract.

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