Carpathia, Skynet and Everything in Between

Ok, so, I had my appointment yesterday at the functional medicine place. It was an hour and a half, and she, Taylor, asked me questions no other medical person had ever asked. I had my blood work results from October to show her and she ordered some different ones to go along with them.

Here is one thing that really kind of angered me, not with Taylor, but with my regular doctor. When I had my physical, she, other dr, kept saying she really wanted to do a vitamin D test but the insurance wouldn’t pay for it. She made it sound like it was stupidly expensive.

Taylor said we need one of those and it is only like $15.00. I sat there not saying a lot at that, because I had to process that information, I would have gladly paid $15.00 in October to have that panel ran. I wasn’t given the option, that frustrates me more than a little.

The issue is, my gut is a mess, I have been using Nexium to mask the symptoms and I don’t have enough acid in my stomach to process the food and distribute the nutrients to my body. Which is why the weight is not budging, Taylor has laid out a plan to get my gut healthy and then we will address the weight.

Actually, the weight thing should regulate itself once we get my other issues under control.

I am very excited and a little overwhelmed to say the least. Although I will tell you it is not that big of a lifestyle change for me, due to the way I already eat. It is adding probiotics, changing up the supplements I take, changing the protein drink and adding some sour foods, like sauerkraut and things like that.

Oh and no weekend coffee until we get this under control, that makes me sad, I really like my weekend binges.

Poor Taylor, she said ok, so you drink a cup of coffee on the weekends. I said, um no, I drink a pot of coffee each day of my weekend. God bless her, she didn’t blink at all, she did stare for a second and then moved on.

She was very thorough, I was very impressed and of course will be going back. My next appointment is in three weeks, today I am going to look for the protein she suggested and also getting some of the foods.

No processed anything for sure, of course no grains, no sugars and very little dairy.

If you are having any kind of health issues and the regular doctor cannot figure it out I highly recommend this group

Carpathia Collaborative in Dallas, TX, their website is, I am seeing Taylor, she is the nutritionist and she has other degrees as well. She is very comprehensive and explained a lot of things to me, regarding my original blood work.

I will update you as I find out more, wish me luck on this journey, I feel I’m going to need it.

On another note, I am very excited for the Christmas presents I got this year, I love them every year, but this year was just exceptional.

First off, Jeffrey, Amanda and kids got me a pet gate, I know what you are thinking, how is this exciting. Well I have been wanting one to keep Storm out of the dining room and laundry room. They not only got me one, Jeffrey installed it after I opened it, it is one that actually screws into the wall to make it stable.

Alex and Elicia got me picture frames, when I first opened them I was excited, but then I started looking at them, they had actually put pictures of my family in them! Jeffrey and Amanda, the kids, Elizabeth, myself, Blakely and Brooklyn, my Fat Catstard (Ronald), Stormie and a blank one for her and Alex, I am going to put one from their wedding in it, and finally one for my Dean and me picture. It was so cool!

Elizabeth Anne and Travis got me Skynet, my robot vacuum cleaner, I love that thing.  Of course new pajamas and everything in my stocking! Best Christmas Ever.

I hope very ones New Year is starting as wonderfully as mine is, new daughter-in-law and taking my health into my own hands.

Any questions, comments or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at

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  1. I’m kind of shocked because you are so careful about eating “clean,” and limitong your carbs. I’m glad that you have someone who can get you back on track and jello you find that happy medium that works for you.


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