HotWorx and Dean Cain

Ok, so, Shay has been trying to force me to try HotWorx, it is a place where you do hot workouts. It sounded hideous, especially with the continuous hot flashes I was experiencing.

I told her when I got those under control I would try it, well I have gotten them under control. No hot flashes during the day and maybe one a night, which is amazing.

Yesterday I tried a free workout, Barre None, because it is a barre class without the bar.

You go into an infrared sauna, it is 121 to 125 degrees, the heat is different from anything I have ever experienced. Now you know I HATE the heat. HATE. But this was ok, I sweated profusely, drank a lot of water and could feel the toxins leaving my body.

I hated it so much I signed up for it, I went back today and did hot yoga, I am not flexible, and it was brutal. But the heat made my muscles more relaxed so I could do the modified versions of the exercises.

Tomorrow I do a core class, we will see how that goes.

As you know I hate to exercise, I never get the endorphins everyone talks about. I hate it with a passion, but I do love the side effects and I haven’t been able to work out in a good while due to some health things. So this does feel good, do not tell Shay I said that. I will deny it.

So the weird dreams continue, night before last I had a dream about Dean Cain. No, not that kind of dream, get your mind out of the gutter.

I was in a movie theater was a movie and it was Dean Cain, not the Dean of today, this was Dean 30 years ago. Early 20’s, it was the strangest movie, it was about a young man that lived in an underground mansion. His dad, played by John Shea, who was Lex Luthor on Lois and Clark. He told his son he was allergic to the sun and had to live underground.

Unbeknownst to him, he had two siblings who lived above ground, they knew about him but he didn’t know about them. They set upon a quest to find their older sibling and free him from the underground castle.

They finally found it, it was under a parking garage, they found a switch that opened a window, there was Dean starring out at them.

They told him they were his brother and sister there to rescue him and he should come with them.

He told them he could not leave the underground fortress, that he would die. They told him their dad had lied all of those years and he should come with them.

He persuades them to come in so he can get some things and follow them outside.

Just then, the dad comes in, he stops the rescue and causes an explosion above ground and they are all trapped in the underground explosion.

I don’t know how it ended because I woke up then, maybe someone will make a real movie about this. Not with Dean, because he is too old, oh don’t look at me like that, he is 50 something, he cannot pull off 21. None of us that are in our 50’s can do that, maybe his son will become an actor and star in it.

That’s all I have for now, check out HotWorx, if you want a good nights sleep and sore muscles the next day.

As usual you can leave your comments, questions or criticisms here or send them to me at

Menopause Update

It has been almost 30 days since I started my journey to lessen the ravages of menopause. It has been harrowing at times, at times I just wanted to throw in the towel and find a cave. A very cold, dark cave, not because my soul is dark, but because of the hot flashes.

Instead I stayed the course, I rattle when I walk from all of the supplements I am taking, but it’s working.

I have to tell you that I did some research into menopause and the awfulness of it all. There are so many things that happen to women! Did you know joint pain is common during menopause? I did not, and I have been having massive pain in my thumb joint on my left hand. So random and it has been hurting since January. I know, your next question is well why didn’t you go to the doctor.

I was busy, is one answer, and I was, January was a busy month, then it was my birthday month, then it was vacation time. Who has time for a doctors visit when your getting ready to for alien hunting in New Mexico? Or visiting family in Arizona? Hiking with a husky? Who has the time???

Just when I think ok, now I have time, the world imploded.  Doctors were not taking appointments if you didn’t have Covid. I don’t have Covid, so there you have it, I am happy to report I do have good news on the pain front.

First off I take so many supplements it literally takes me three hours every morning to get them down. I am not exaggerating, as most of you know, I have esophagus issues, taking pills is not an easy task.

So I have to take a couple wait, take a couple more, wait and so on and so on.

Here are my results so far:

My joint pain in my thumb is almost all gone, I am down to one hot flash a night, none during the day. I have way more energy and my memory is coming back.

Did you know memory loss is a symptom of menopause? So much fun!

Some women experience hair loss, mine is so thick it isn’t even funny. I do use collagen in my coffee every morning, I also use Doterra shampoo and conditioner and Fitish hair serum. I have so much new growth my hair line looks like a toddlers.

The weight, that is the biggest joke menopause plays on the majority of us. With all of the supplements and getting my body back internally, the weight is coming off. My cloths are fitting differently and I can see it in the mirror.

I am on the right track and it feels good, I also am sleeping 7 to 8 hours a night. Except for last night, but I think that was more thinking about my mom and not being able to sleep due to missing her so much.

So it was a one off, we need the sleep, our bodies use that time to heal and rejuvenate.

I will post pictures of all of the supplements I am taking on this post. I am not a doctor, I am not telling you to do this regimen, I am just giving you information on what is working for me.

Thank God I had no bone issues, because you lose bone density during menopause. I had a test, I’m good in that area, no brittle bones here.

I have said it before, I’ll say it again, it is not fair that we, women, have to go through this nonsense.

Throughout the beginning of time I do believe we have paid the price for Eve’s perfidy. it’s time to let up some now, maybe just get rid of this one thing. Or give men something, something equally as horrible, that would be awesome! If you could arrange that God I’d be really grateful.

ok, that is all I have for now, I hope you all have a great weekend and oh yes, it’s Dean Cain’s birthday today. And yes, he liked my tweet on Twitter. So yay me!

Have a great day and stay safe!


Dean, Luke and Everything In Between

I’m a bad fan, let’s get that out of the way right from the start. Dean Cain is incredibly prolific, I checked on IMDB to see how many things there are of his to watch and this is what I found:

172 credits, as an actor, 172, let that sink in, I don’t have that kind of time!

I admit, I don’t watch the one that is on the CW right now, the Master of Illusion, it’s reality and I’m not a huge fan of reality.

I tried to watch it, but just could not get into it, no offense, it is just not my kind of show.

However, this could work in my favor, bad fan equals great wife, right! Although, Luke Pasqualino is rapidly taking up space in my heart.

He is so incredibly pretty it literally makes my back teeth hurt. I don’t really know what that means but my friend Walter used to say it about pretty men.

So here I sit, the next three days off, what do you have planned, I am so glad you asked.

I am getting my hair done tomorrow and shopping, it will be a big shopping trip as I have to get things for my week with Tess! Very excited that the EIT is coming for her yearly weeklong adventure with Gigi.

We shall do all kinds of fun things, not our normal fun things, but fun nonetheless.

I am currently watching Alias, or rewatching, as I was a huge fan when it had its first run back in 2001. A few takeaways, Jennifer Garner is literally not aging, like at all. No one delivers a scathing line like Victor Garber. I thought I did but he has me beat hands down. I kind of want to hear him say whatever. Just to know if I still own that or if he has me beat on that as well.

So while I am busy watching Alias, I know what you are thinking, I have time to watch all 172 things Dean Cain is in. I don’t, you see after I watch a few episodes of Alias I round out my evening with an episode of The Musketeers. Luke. Always back to Luke.

So there you have it folks, my very interesting life, I am thinking of changing my hair color again. But I really like the dark red with the caramel highlights, so there’s that. I am also going to have her do it curly, and not straighten it. In the summer I can’t fight the curly and it is so humid outside.

I figured out what the headaches were, it is the barometric pressure. When it gets like this it really effects my head, literally.

July is a busy month, Tessa, Alex, my mom and Dean all have birthdays.

I hope you all have a great day and a great week. Of course I will be posting on 4th of July. I love this country and my family has personally sacrificed a lot to this country. Beginning in 1774, naturally if feel the need to express that love and pay homage to the ones that came before me and all that was sacrificed so I can live the life I have.

The Forbidden Topic

I’m going to do it, I’m going to talk about the thing that makes people so uncomfortable. When you say this word they squirm, fidget and change the subject.

Menopause, it is killing me, I have survived a lot in my lifetime and this is the thing that is going to do me in.

I seriously dread getting my electric bill this month, I am setting my thermostat to 66 degrees at night.

I still wake up with hot flashes, 4 to 5 a night, I can’t remember the last time I got a good nights sleep.

I have a few during the day, those are bearable, the ones at night are the killer ones.

Also, my left hip flexer hurts at night, burning pain, the only thing that makes it any better are my sleep pants. Which are compression pants, if I don’t wear them I wake up in sever, burning pain.

But when I wear them, the hot flashes are worse, so it is a horrible catch 22.

Let’s move on to the headaches, I am getting headaches now behind my right ear. It is a weird pain, that lasts about 30 seconds. Those thirty seconds are searing, it’s crazy, I don’t understand what is happening to me.

Let’s move on to the weight gain, I walk/run twice a day, I do lifts with a 25lb kettle bell in-between calls.

I gain weight if I eat, I gain weight if I don’t, I’m tired all of the time because I cannot get a good nights sleep.

I will tell you this, my hair is full and thick, thanks to all of the collagen I am consuming and the Fitish hair serum.

So there’s that positive, but everything else, it’s insane.

Thank God I am going through this alone, I don’t even know how I would survive if there were anyone else here.

How do women do it? I don’t even know because no one talks about it! It’s not like child birth where everyone is dying to tell you their story. This is such a taboo subject, I don’t know why.

I need other women to tell me how they did it, I really don’t want to do synthetic hormones but I am at my wits end and am ready to just tell the dr to patch me up.

On another note, I finished what is out of the series Our Girl, it is on Brit Box. It has Luke Pasqualino in it, one of my new friends on Twitter suggested it. She is brilliant, the show is brilliant, he really isn’t in that many of the episodes. It kept my attention even when he wasn’t in the episodes. It is that good, I highly recommend it, it is on Amazon Prime for part of the seasons, the others you have to get Brit Box for it.

Right now I am rewatching Eureka, I love that show, it is really fun. I highly recommend that as well.

I also got to see a picture of Dean Cain training to be a police officer. That is a good look on him, I am completely torn in my loyalties, let’s face it, Luke is way too young for me, but Dean seems out of reach as well.

This may be the menopause talking but I may have overreached in my goal of marriage. Nah.

It’s still doable, as I am not dead yet, I hope you all have a great week, I would love to hear any stories of how you survived menopause.

Dean Who?

The summer before 5th grade, when I was 10, I read The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas for the first time. I was convinced I was going to travel to France and become the first girl Musketeer. No one had the heart to tell me about the French Revolution, there was no king, hence no Musketeers. When I found out I was so mad, how dare they have a revolution before I could become a sword wielding  champion.

Since then I have loved every movie or show depicting the Musketeers. There is one I just discovered on Hulu, it is called simply The Musketeers. I must say it is well done, of course anything with Peter Capaldi as Cardinal Richelieu is nothing short of brilliant.

I met him, have I told you that? Peter Capaldi, he was super nice and didn’t make me feel dorky at all.

I digress, this particular show has an actor playing D’Artagnan is so amazingly pretty. I am telling you he has me saying Dean who? He has perfect hair, just enough scruffiness and plays D’Artagnan perfectly. Dean is the prettiest man in the universe (Superman duh) but this guy, he has earth.

He was always my favorite character, self-assured in his youthful exuberance, loyal to the king and so very pretty. Did I mention that? This is a BBC production, the actor is British, I am almost ready to go to England and find him.

Luke Pasqualino is his name, he is of Italian descent, I looked him up.

He was also in Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome, I thought I recognized him while I was watching the show.

Watching the show and remembering my time in training for becoming a Musketeer, yes, I learned to sword fight, made me think about everything I wanted to become and didn’t.

There were so many things I wanted to do, Musketeer, intrepid girl reporter, singer (that one was never going to happen), a Solid Gold dancer, dancing on American Bandstand and Soul Train. The last two were real possibilities if I had been born sooner, but alas it was not to be. None of my childhood career choices came to pass, trust me, I never dreamed of tech support.

As one does when they take stock of all of their failed dreams I began to become morose. Then I thought back to the one thing I had wanted to become since I was 5 years old. A mom, I always knew I wanted to be a mom, and I did that.

I am so proud of how my children turned out, I like to think I was an ok mom. Anyone who thinks they are a perfect parent, you’re not, we all make mistakes along the way. Except my mom, she was the total exception, I feel like we should all feel that way about our moms.

I hope my children think I did an ok job, I told them while they were growing up that if I messed up too badly I’d pay for their therapy when they were grown.

None have taken me up on that, yet, so far, so good.

In conclusion, watch The Musketeers, I need someone to talk to about the show!

Once and Some Revelations

So, watching Once and Again at this stage in my life I realize how much I have in common with Karen. Played by the incredible Susanna Thompson, the way she portrayed this woman slowly losing her her children (she thinks) as they grow up.

The episode of the first Thanksgiving that Rick and Lily are married, It’s Rick’s holiday with their children.

Her daughter Jessie says mom what are you doing, Karen says she’ll be with friends. Then cancels those plans, because it’s all too much. Sharing a holiday this is uniquely family oriented with someone that is not family, well, it’s too much.

The look that she has, I know it all to well, I understand Karen in a way I didn’t the first time I watched this series.

Every character in this series is just so well done, I really wish it were streaming on something other than YouTube. Some of the episodes are missing and a lot of them are really poor quality. Which is why I had to buy the series. Well the first two seasons.

Speaking of series, let’s talk Stargirl, this series is everything Supergirl should have been. It is pure fun, unadulterated, old fashioned superhero fun.

As you know I really wanted to love Supergirl, but it is so preachy and sudsy and filled with SJW stuff. All of those things belong in a teen angst show, not a superhero show.

None of that is present in Stargirl, so far, I’m two episodes in and am enjoying it immensely.

On a different superhero front, Dean Cain likes two of my tweets in the past week. I believe you all know what that means. It’s just a matter of time.


Healthy Fear and Cats

So I thought Ronald, aka Fat Catstard, wasn’t breathing, turns out he was sleeping. Now he’s super mad at me, but at least now he knows how it feels to be woken in the middle of the night. I fear repercussions tonight, if I don’t show up online tomorrow for work I need my coworkers to do a wellness check. Maybe send animal control, I don’t know, but I do know enough to have some healthy fear.

There we have it, healthy fear, what is a proper amount of healthy fear and what is overboard? Only individuals can answer that, for me healthy fear is knowing what is out there and making preparations to make myself as safe as possible.

There are few things I fear in this world, heights, I do fear that particular thing. Here’s the weird thing, I didn’t fear heights in my youth. The higher the swing went the more I loved it, climbing to the highest point on the monkey bars was my go to at recess. I very literally had no fear, of anything, now I am terrified of heights, I hate elevators, escalators, anything that takes me up. Forget ski lifts, those are the worst, I don’t even know if I could go up in one of those gondolas.

I do have another fear, I fear going completely blind and not being able to read anymore. That is my one besides heights, those are both irrational fears, not healthy ones.

I’m watching Star Trek TOS right now, part of me wishes I had waited to be born so I could travel beyond this planet.

Last night I rewatched the Lois and Clark where they put Dean Cain in the black Superman suit. It was a great episode, for many reasons. But in particular, the black Superman outfit, was the absolute best part of that episode.

No shallowness going on here, at all, if I could insert the eye roll emoji here I would do so. A lot of people like to pretend they are not shallow, but we all are in some way. I fully admit to being attracted to “pretty” men, with Dean Cain being the prettiest of all.

Sometimes I wonder if he has made a deal with God the way I have. He is aging amazingly well.

I have to go now, I am on episode 3 of season 1 of TOS and this one requires a lot of my attention.

People are evolving and being able to control things with their minds. I must pay attention.


I am very literally in Nerdvana right now, please allow me to tell you how my week is going so far and of what is to come.

So on Monday  (or it may have been Sunday, my days are running together) Teri Hatcher announces she will be doing a live Instagram with Dean Cain! I literally did the dance of joy (Joss Whedon fans will get that) then I started panicking, what if I can’t watch! I do have work!

Thankfully it timed perfectly with my final break of the day, I was so happy to be able to tune in, especially since the event I was supposed to see them both at was postponed until June. When I have a wedding to attend, praying this lockdown is over by then. Which meant I would not be able to see them together at all. What a lovely option to have, to see them doing a live feed, together, apart. 

You can feel how genuine their friendship is, the easy banter was delightful and refreshing. It is a great example of how two people who differ politically can maintain a friendship.

I will tell you this during the course of their live conversation, Teri asked Dean how he was able to maintain friendships when politics are so different. Dean said well tell me what policies you disagree with, I bet we are not so different. She grew coy and hemmed and hawed and said well and said a name, Dean said that is not a policy. I asked for a specific policy, she said don’t make me do this. She is the one that started that conversation and this is nothing against Teri, please do not misconstrue this as a criticism.

However, her response is what is systemically wrong with society as a whole. Not just here in the United States, not liking the person who was duly elected is not a policy. If someone can actually tell me a policy they disagree with, then we can have a discussion. But so few people today can actually discuss policy, they want to make it personal and they want to just say well this person or that person. I don’t like them, that is not policy.

I have friends I don’t agree with politically but I can maintain a friendship, I will tell you rarely do they discuss policy. This is on both sides of the fence, it is not directed at one or the other, I have seen it on both sides. Nonetheless I enjoyed their banter and loved their discourse and would love to see them act together in a project, even if it is not Superman.

The next thing my inner Nerd Girl, ok not so inner, is happy about, is Chuck! The cast of Chuck is doing a live table read of one of their scripts on Friday. It is for charity, I will post the link at the bottom, it is to raise money to help feed families across America.

What a great, fun way to raise money for a great cause. I know I am new to the world of Chuck, but I have watched the series in it’s entirety now 5 times. It is just so watchable and fun. The characters are just greatness and the actors who brought them to life were fantastic at it. I look forward to watching them have fun again.

I am having the best Nerd week EVER! I hope you all have a great week and are able to find joy in the every day things that are around you.

If you are able to spare a little I know it would be appreciated. This is a great cause and the money is all going to help feed people in our own communities.

Political Opinion and Common Decency

The other day I wrote something on twitter and it had a typo, I meant to type I have no option, instead I typed I have no opinion. There is no edit option on Twitter, so I put under it what I meant, one of my awesome Twitter friend, Gin, said I know better than to believe you have no opinion. Ha, she is right, she said it in a good nature way, of course,  but right she is.

I do have an opinion that has been brewing for a while now, so you will get to see that now. Simply because I cannot keep it in any longer.

A little while back, an actress I follow on social media let it be known who her candidate for President was. She had a political opinion, at the end of her post, which was respectful and not filled with vitriol, she said I know most of you will say oh you’re just a silly actress what do you know. But I hope you will be respectful.

I will tell you I don’t agree with her politics, but that does not stop me from liking her work and watching shows or movies she is in. Her post made me sad, it made me sad because she had to say please don’t hate me for my opinion.

We should not have to do that, we should be able to support whatever candidate we want without fear of hate being spewed at us.

What I have noticed on social media, since it hit with a vengeance, and this happens on both sides of the fence, not just one or the other, both. Is that if someone agrees with a particular famous person they are so brave for saying what they think and standing up for their right to say it. If they do not agree with a famous person, well, then you would think they don’t have a right to live. People, once again, from both sides of the political fence, come after them with a vengeance. It is so disheartening to see, we all have a right to our opinion and we all have a right to voice said opinion.

We have a right to do it, my fervent hope and prayer is that everyone state their opinion with respect and kindness. We see a lot of that word lately, kindness, however I see few actually practicing it.

There are plenty of actors and actresses I don’t agree with politically, there are plenty I do agree with. I don’t agree with everything with the ones I do agree with on some things.

Take Dean Cain for instance, I agree with some things he says, I don’t agree with some things he says. However I respect his right to state his opinions.

I will continue to enjoy movies and shows with actors and actresses that I don’t agree with politically. I still live in the United States of America, so I get to say what I think and believe, however, I will say those things with respect to others. I will abstain from name calling and vitriol, I do reserve the right to roll my eyes in exasperation when someone says something way out there. In my humble opinion, of course, that is what we have, our opinions.

Please don’t lose friendships over political differences, in the end, all we have is each other and common decency. Let’s practice that, once again, I feel the need to say this is my world, my opinions and if you disagree with them I hope you will state them with respect. If not, I reserve the right to delete and not publish them on my website. As usual any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at


Costco Run and Dean Cain

So yesterday I left my house, I went to Costco and then to get my hair done and then Target.

At Costco I was walking in at the same time another woman was, she and I looked at each other in horror. It was way crowded for a work day. She said I have five daughters at home, we need toilet paper. I said good luck, I said I’m here for my normal Costco run. Thank goodness I don’t need toilet paper, I did look, because Elizabeth Anne does need toilet paper. There was none, the employee I spoke with said that people were there when it opened and made a run for the paper goods. Ridiculous.

No one is admitting to hoarding the TP. I really want to know who is doing this.

No one symptom is diarrhea, so what are you people doing with all of that toilet paper? My guess is selling it for an exorbitant price, beyond ridiculous.

When I was getting my hair done, of course I was talking to my stylist, she said they told the aestheticians to go home for two weeks. Because they actually touch peoples faces, she didn’t know if they were being paid. The hair stylists were holding their breath hoping they don’t get sent home.

She agreed it was the stupidest thing ever, all of this panic, where was this panic for the avian flu? That killed way more people, or the swine flu, or ebola, which was way more deadly. I didn’t see a run on things then.

When I went to Target I noticed canned goods disappearing along with the paper goods. I did a little research and looked in the baby aisle, people are starting to take the baby wipes.

If you do not have a baby or toddler, please leave these items alone. There are parents that actually need these items.

While I was there I called my daughter-in-law that lives close to me, with my son, of course. And asked if they needed anything, she happened to be at Wal-Mart and they didn’t have any chicken, they did at Target. So I picked up chicken breasts for them, I have never seen anything like this.

All of you out there that are doing this, you are the problem. You are not getting what you need, you are hoarding, and when this blows over in a few weeks, you will have food that will go bad. So it is wasteful, and shame on you, people are now having to buy toilet paper out of the trunk of a car.

I just got my normal two week supply of food, that is all I need, that is all anyone needs.

So now, because of all of this madness, that the mass media is partially responsible for, there are real shortages. There is real price gouging, there is real need for real families. Shame on all of you doing this, especially with the goods that we all need, no one needs 5 cases of toilet paper.

On another note, Dallas Fan Expo has been postponed until June, the weekend I will be out of town for a wedding. This was not a hard choice to make, the wedding takes precedence. Yes, even over Dean Cain, there is nowhere I would rather be that weekend. Celebrating the joining of two special people and celebrating with their families.

It looks like no Dean for me in 2020, oh well, there is always 2021. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend and have enough toilet paper to last you the next two weeks at least.

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