2050 Movie Review

Upon learning that Dean Cain has over 160 credits to his name; according to IMDB and someone who was in the panel that I went to in November, I figured I should do some catching up.

So I bought the movie 2050, since it is in the Sci-Fi genre, which is right up my alley. Anyone who knows me, knows that is my first love, science fiction, then superheroes, time-travel and space adventures.

I watched it this morning and have to say it is thought provoking and a timely subject matter. Dean doesn’t have a huge role, but he does have a great monologue he delivers, or is it a soliloquy, I don’t know which it qualifies for, if someone has seen it and you can tell me, I’d appreciate it.

Without giving too much away it is about buying companionship in the form of a robot. AI, you can purchase or rent one of these creations, female or male, and have it programmed to your specifications.

It is a heady thought, we can get exactly what we want, without the messiness of a real relationship. Or is it a scary thought?

One of the characters has great insight to what a woman is looking for, and he’s not wrong. Once again, I am not going to give it away, but I can see where it would put a great deal of pressure on a man. On the other side I can see where a great deal of pressure is put on a woman to be the ideal mate.

It is such a messy, confusing world we live in, life used to be so simple, or at least we like to think so. I know I do, whatever happened to girl meets boy, they fall in love and live happily ever after? Is that a thing anymore? I don’t know, because it never happened for me, it happened for my parents, for my grandparents and various aunts and uncles. It seems to have alluded myself and various cousins, and quite a few of my friends. So is it a thing now? Can two people meet, fall in love and build a life? I do believe so, it has happened for both of my sons, various friends and cousins. I know it can happen, I just have never experienced it in my lifetime.

Building a robot seems like a genuine fix for living a life that is near perfect, I could give the physical specifications, the mental specifications and he would come with an off and on button. I wouldn’t have to cook for him, therefore not disappointing him in that area, I could program him to not talk while I am watching all of my beloved shows/movies and I could program him to read the same books I read. I would have an intellectual equal to discus said books with, now doesn’t that all sound delightful.

Or does it sound boring after a while, I would have no one that took the opposite side of an argument, that could actually eat the food I have badly cooked with, and I would have a soulless creature in my home with which I couldn’t joke with.

I think I’ll stick with my robot vacuum, at least it cleans the floor. I have Fat Catstard to argue with and Stormie for placation.

I do highly recommend this movie if you like Sci-Fi, it was a good addition to the genre and timely as well. There is already a company making AI dolls and people are shelling out money to buy them.

If you want anything real, might I suggest leaving your house without your robot doll.

As usual any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at angie@angieworld.com

Oh and buy the movie, 2050.

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