Health Answers and Self-Doubt

I had my follow up appointment with my functional nutritionist and it was enlightening. I believe I told you about the blood work she ordered. We had the results and they were shocking.

One’s levels for vitamin D should be between 70 and 100, mine was 110, so I was way too high. My vitamin B12 levels were non-existent. She said she didn’t even know how I had the energy to walk around. It was no wonder exercise didn’t give me energy as I had none to begin with.

So I am stopping the supplement with vitamin D3 and am now on weekly Vitamin B shots for 5 weeks. Then we will test again. I got my first shot today and she said it would take a few days and then I would get a boost of energy.

I am beginning to feel better, the bloating is almost all gone, and I am incorporating real foods into my diet. She also put me on enzymes to help break my food down. Then we will begin to wean me off of the Nexium. It feels good to work towards something, and to finally have some answers.

So on Twitter, where I get a lot of my information, one of my Twitter peeps posted one of those ads for sucker leggings, you know, the ones that advertise that they will “suck” all of your fat in. She said it would be helpful if they actually showed the product on someone that needed the help. I said yes, someone that is a lump like me. She said well you’re not a lump but I get what you are saying. I went on to say some days I feel like I’m the cutest thing in shoe leather and other days I feel like Dear Lord I cannot leave the house.

Then on Facebook, another great source, one of my friends said that for today we should look in the mirror and see how we look in God’s eyes. How He sees us, not as we see ourselves. I thought that was brilliant, because we all have those day, at least I believe most women have those days.

The self doubts about our looks creep in, and all of the noise from the outside world. The ones that have told us from a young age how we should look, what we should wear, the right makeup, the right shoes. The right weight for our height, and yes that one I believe, we should all be healthy, but there comes a point where we have health things we have to take care of that are making us gain weight.

Stop judging, that is the hardest thing to do as women, we all do it, we all look at someone and make a snap judgement. Oh that person is lazy, they don’t work out, or they must eat badly, or, or, or. Sometimes it is that, sometimes it is physical and sometimes it is mental.

I wonder is really beautiful women ever have these self-doubts, the Charisma Carpenters of the world, she really is one of the most beautiful women. I wonder if she has ever looked in the mirror and had self doubts. Or Cindy Crawford, has she ever had a bad hair day?

I am plagued with self doubt, about my looks, my abilities, my parenting, my personality, all of it. But at the end of the day, if I take an inventory, I have a great job, a wonderful place to live, a means to find answers and the best kids on the face of the planet.

I live an incredibly blessed life.

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