Stark Realities

I love trees without their leaves, their stark beauty is a striking contrast to the skies. They are vulnerable, without their covering, left to the elements. 

I think we all feel that way at times, vulnerable without our armor. Armor for humans these days can be physical or metaphysical. 

Some people (like me) use humor, sarcasm, makeup and Dean Cain as a barrier, to keep people at bay. No matter what the situation, keeping people at arms length takes talent and skill.

I am very skilled at it, people think they know me, when in actuality they know what I want them to know. It always amazes me when assumptions are made about me.

Perhaps I’ll tell you a little about myself today, I am a loner by nature that is a people person at heart. Although these days, due to the job that I have, I prefer the company of my Fatty Catty aka Ronald aka FatCatstard and my lovable furry companion Stormie to a lot of people on the planet earth.

This does not include my family or close friends, it is the population at large. You see in my line of work I get to see how people react when their internet, tv or phone doesn’t work. Some of these I get, some I do not, however it still makes me wary of the population at large.

On the other hand, I love getting to know people, I love asking questions, I love hearing the answers. We are all so different, yet the same, I have found over the years that we all want a better future for our children. We all want something better for them than we ourselves had as children. For the most part, some people had a great childhood and had everything that they wanted or needed and now do not find the need to drive their children to success. I don’t personally know those people, bur I am sure they exist.

Over the years I have found some of my best times found in the pages of books. Characters that speak to me, teach me, frighten me or make me want to be a better version of myself.

My mother was always my touchstone, she always made me want to be a better version of myself. I miss her to this day, some days I feel rudderless, no long term goals, and I’m too old to feel that way. One is supposed to have long term goals at my age.

A coworker and I were talking the other day, I complimented her outfit, she said that her mentor had told her to dress for the job she wanted, not the one she has.

We all hear that, the memes about dressing as Wonder Woman are funny.

I thought about it, the job I would love is writing, so sitting at home, in my bathrobe, writing about things I know, hmmmm. Maybe there is something there, maybe I should show up in my pajamas and robe. However I am thinking that would not be well recieved. Of course we are not physically customer facing, so one never knows.

I have a suspicion that I would end up in a conversation with our HR person. She would not be amused, so I guess I’ll stick to my boots, sweaters and leggings for now. Spring is fast approaching here in North Texas, then it shall be wedges and sundresses. 

Ok, so, Dean Cain is coming to town, here, in my neck of the woods so to speak. The question is, do I go and meet him again? I have no doubt he doesn’t remember me, he meets so many people. Or do I spend my money elsewhere, since I have met him once, do I need to meet him again? Oh don’t get me wrong, I still love him, but the thing is, and there is always a thing, it is stupid expensive and the price doesn’t include any panel’s, meet and greets, selfies, pictures or autographs. Those are extra, the VIP package is over $400.00. I have to be honest for that amount of money someone is coming home with me and cooking and cleaning for me. I need a meal for that amount of money, maybe they could even walk the husky, not a euphemism, I have a husky, Stormie, that needs to be walked. 

I have things planned this year that cost money, a trip to Arizona, I would like to go to Disney World and see the Star Wars park. I really want to stay in the Star Wars hotel. That is pretty pricey, so it begs the question, do I spend the money or not. I am thinking not, it’s too much and I can’t justify it.

I could justify the Tulsa one as part of the proceeds went to charity. None go to charity at this one.

That’s all I have for now, I will include pictures of the trees I spotted on one of my walks. They are incredibly beautiful.

As usual any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at

I love how this tree looks like it is painting the sky

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