Happy Birthday Izzy Anne

On this day in 1989 a great thing happened, Elizabeth Anne made her appearance on this earth.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter, I love that I share my birthday month with you.

I knew you were a girl before the sonogram, I felt it with every fiber of my being. I asked God for a daughter with long dark hair and dark eyes and He delivered.

On the day that you were born it was a sunny day, your dad and I went into the hospital wearing shorts. I had bought you the cutest going home outfit in Florida.

By the time you were born that night it was a raging ice storm, you were born during one of my favorite happenings on earth. Cold, ice, snow and all that entails, the only problem was your going home outfit was for sunny Florida.

You came home wearing your brothers hand-me-downs as I didn’t have winter girl clothes. Your dad also had to bring me winter clothes, I couldn’t go home wearing shorts, I would have literally died.

You were absolutely perfect, beautiful, alert and ready for the world. The only question, was the world ready for you?

I know your brother wasn’t, when you started crawling you went straight for his room. Thus began a war, I still don’t know who won, I think it has been a draw.

I love you so much, you have done so much in your life, accomplished so much. I am so proud of you and the person you have become.

I only wish my dad, your grandpa could see you, he would be so proud of you. The way you have with animals reminds me so much of him and my grandpa, your great-grandpa. They both had such a way with animals and the land, you have inherited that from them.

I love your feistiness, your determination, your strength and your heart. You are beyond everything I asked God for in a daughter.

Happy Birthday my amazing girl, I love you to the moon and back.



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