Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday, it is an almost perfect day, I say almost as it is cold but there is no snow. Only snow would make it perfection oh and a happy birthday from Dean. But here we are, a cold dreary day, there is not a lot more I could ask for. 

Thankfully I am much better, the only thing lingering is the cough, that horrible cough. That is happening even while I type this missive.

I took myself to the movies yesterday, I decided to see Birds of Prey. It was ok, a little heavy handed on the men bad, women brave theme. But the action was fun and Harley Quinn on roller-skates was a nice touch for this ex roller disco queen.

Turning 56 is nothing new from 55, I wonder when it happens, the slowing down, the achy joints for no reason. Does it happen for all people as they age? Or only some of them? The only thing that slowed my dad down was his heart, he never complained of achy joints or made grandpa noises when he got up from a chair. Since I am so much like him (through osmosis) I like to think I inherited that from him.

Also my grandmother (by blood) was 98 when she passed away and the only thing that slowed her down was a broken hip at 96. Since I don’t have brittle bones I don’t foresee a broken hip and I will tell you after my 3rd injection of vitamin B12 I am finally feeling it. I feel energized, like ready to go, it is a heady feeling and my fingers are practically flying over the keyboard as I sit and write this. Ok that last part has always happened, I’m a fast typer, typist, typologist, whatever.

My birthday weekend started off with a family dinner at Jeffrey and Amanda’s house. They cooked! It was lovely, Mexican food, I do love my Mexican food. As usual the conversation was lively, and Elicia brought dessert, she brought me keto cupcakes! Two of them, I saved one for today, so I could have cake on my birthday.

I love those dinners, with all of us, my children are all so funny, smart and quick witted. I am in awe of them and their successes, sometimes I still can’t believe I got chosen to be their mom.

I am going to include a picture of me at this age. I try to do it every year, an unfiltered, unadulterated look at myself the way I am in this very season. I still think God did really good work with me. He and I have an agreement, He allows me to retain my looks and I don’t kill people. It has worked well so far, I do believe He knows me and knows what I can handle in the aging process.

Also I watched a series on Netflix called Dirty John, every single woman needs to watch this. Wow, this did actually happen and I have no doubt it happens on the daily. This actually convinced me more than ever dating apps are not for me. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe they work for a lot of people. I have hard evidence to that fact, however, with the kind of luck I have with men, this story would totally happen to me.

That’s all I have for now, I hope you have a great day, I know I will!


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