Stormie’s Adventure

I was going to start at the beginning of our adventure, mine and my bestie Shay. However, something happened today that I need to write about. After that I’ll begin at the begun.

We decided to go hiking this morning at one of Phoenix’s parks. It was a beautiful mountain and a beautiful morning. As most of you know I have a gorgeous, lovable goofball of a Husky named Stormie.

She loves all humans and animals alike, or so I thought. We start up the trail, several people stop and tell me how beautiful she is, ask to pet her and she is very obliging. In my experience with Huskies, they love attention. Will preen and prance when they believe they are the center of said attention.

As we are walking up a woman is coming towards us, Stormie freaks out, starts cowering and backing up. She actually manages to to wriggle out of her harness. And takes off like a shot, she was terrified of that woman.

Now I may have been listening to too much Dateline, but I believe an animal when they tell me someone is evil. I don’t know what Storm sensed in that woman but she was terrified. I wanted to ask that woman what was wrong with her but I was too busy chasing a freaked out husky.

We finally got her, I jumped in the Jeep and drove to where she finally stopped. I opened the back drivers door and she jumped in as nice as you please. I have tightened her harness and that will not happen again.

Believe an animal when they tell you a human isn’t trustworthy.

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