Enterprise Ellie

In the beginning there was a car rental place. We decided it would be better to rent an SUV instead of putting mileage on my friends vehicle or mine. Plus taking my dog we needed extra space.

Saturday I show up to the car rental place, I don’t know how many of you are familiar with renting a vehicle, what you do is go online and tell them what type of vehicle you want. Sedan, SUV, compact and so on, they do not guarantee a specific make and model. The location I went to was a satellite office. That means they had a smaller selection. I’m telling all of this to explain what happened next.

A woman, well call her Enterprise Ellie, was at the counter soundly berating the young man behind the counter. She said that he told her she could have a specific make and mode, he calmly said that he would never do that as it is against their policy. She then goes on to call him a liar and here is where she really caught my attention, she says she works for the same company that I do! So then I really looked at her and realize I know who she is. She works in the same building as I, I don’t know her name but I know who she is.

What I do know of her is she is filled with anger and hatred, I have overheard some really outrageous things from her. At times we both sit in the same courtyard here at work. She is always on the phone saying really awful things.

On this day she told the young man that he was not going to prosper and she was calling corporate and getting him fired. She also mentioned social media, she very literally would not stop. She then got on the phone and started telling anyone who’s would listen that the young man was not going to prosper and kept saying the name of the company we both work for.

I told the young man to to worry about it because I have twitter as well and I had already sent him a shout out. He was calm and collected and never rude. He needs a raise. I cannot imagine carrying around so much anger that I take it out on someone young and threatening their livelihood. Who does that?

I wish I knew this woman’s name, I would totally give it to my third line and tell him what happened.

It goes against our code of business conduct to behave that way in public while invoking the name of our company. It’s one thing to behave like a donkey it’s another to drag the company along with you.

So, Enterprise Rental, don’t listen to the woman who went to the Plano, TX location. She’s certifiable.

As usual any comments, questions or anything else can be left here or sent to me at angie@angieworld.com.

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