Alien Invasion?

We started our journey Saturday evening, I know most people start their travels during the morning hours. However, my bestie Shay, works on Saturday, so we left after she got off work. By the time she left work then got to my house and transferred her stuff from her car to the Jeep we left about 5 pm.

We made it to Lubbock, we were really hoping to make it to New Mexico but it took 7 hours to get to Lubbock and we were exhausted. We found a pet friendly hotel and stopped for the night. Have I mentioned I took my Husky with us? Why yes I did, she is officially a traveling Husky.

The next morning we drove the rest of the way to Roswell, New Mexico. This stop was for me, I have always wanted to go there because, well, aliens. I loved the show Roswell the show from the late ‘90’s early 2000’s. Not the new one, that one is a discombobulated mess. The original is best.

Roswell did not disappoint, so many places were super pet friendly. Even the Alien Museum! I was pleasantly surprised. Stormie did great, she loved everything and was well behaved. The only sad part is there is no Crash Down diner in Roswell. We were both disappointed about that.

After exploring Roswell we continued our drive and discovered a pistachio wonderland! Just sitting there in the middle of nowhere. I also found a new boyfriend. He’s very accommodating and a great listener.

After buying things that are not on the approved eating list we made our way to Las Cruces, NM. What a beautiful city! We decided to spend the night there and make our way to Arizona the next day. I hope you enjoy some pictures from our time with the aliens!

One Reply to “Alien Invasion?”

  1. You and aliens.. no surprise..after all Dean is Superman and officially, he’s an undocumented alien! The thing I love most about you is your commitment and absolute excitement at doing the things you’ve wanted to do and especially the fact that you are not disappointed in the reality. I can’t wait four yout next adventure!!

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