Color Issues

When I was three years old I decided I didn’t want to touch anything that wasn’t red. Red clothes, red plate, red utensils, red rocking chair and even a red teddy bear.

Not just any red, it had to be crimson, I’ve always been drawn to dark colors. Dark red, dark purple and so on. Fast forward to today, my living room is crimson and cream and my bedroom is dark purple and silver grey.

I am telling you this as a backstory to what happened a few weeks ago. I decided to get a new comforter, I had a dark purple summer quit and thought oh I’ll get a grey comforter and put purple accessories. Instead of the dark purple comforter with my silver grey accessories.

I buy a new comforter every year, I allow my pets on my bed and it just wears out the comforters. So I order what looks grey and it comes, I wait a while to take it out of the packaging. It looked grey in the packaging. The week before my trip I strip my bed, put the new purple sheets on and eagerly take out the comforter.

It’s not grey it looks baby blue, so blue I went back through my order history to see if I had inadvertently clicked the wrong color. I did not and I have waited so long I can’t return it.

I decided I need to use it until a replacement can be found. I find one quickly enough but it wouldn’t be here until after I got back from my trip. Not a problem I thought, I can do this, I could not. I very literally could not sleep under that baby blue monstrosity.

Is anyone else like that? If the bedding isn’t right you can’t sleep? Please tell me I am not alone in this.

Thankfully the new comforter came Tuesday, I immediately redid my bed and a good nights sleep was had. The new comforter is the most delicious shade of dark purple and all is right with my world once again.

Perhaps I should go to a brick and mortar store next time I decide to try a grey comforter. Next winter. We’ll see.

Have a great weekend, Dean Cain is on Fox and Friends tomorrow morning. I’ll have to set my DVR because I’m not waking up that early on a Saturday. Not even for Dean.

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