Superman Day

I’m not sure why today is celebrated as Superman’s birthday since he actually made his appearance on April 18 but here we are.

Since today is a celebratory day for the big guy I thought I would share my love of him.

I first fell in love with Superman when I was 4 years old and one of my cousins brought over a comic book. I was hooked, I went on to discover not only Superman/Clark Kent, but Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Cat Grant, Ma and Pa Kent and of course Perry White. I also found my way to the store and found Wonder Woman, the Fantastic 4, Spiderman and Thor.

I found a world that I could escape to, where I could live vicariously fighting the bad guy and discovering girls could do it in heels! What a revelation that was, I wanted to grow up to be a combination of Lois Lane and Wonder Woman. Fighting crime and writing about it, that was the dream, alas when we grow up we realize running around the city dressed in boots and spandex will get you arrested.

Superman has remained a constant in my life, I have always loved what he stood for. Truth, justice and the American way, I still love it, I do wish they could find someone who enjoys playing the big guy. I don’t think Henry Cavill enjoyed it, he didn’t look like he was having fun in those movies. Of course you can only do so much with the script and direction.

So here are my favorite actors who stepped into the role:

Christoper Reeve, first and foremost, he was the man, he made Superman his own and looked like he was having fun doing it.

Dean Cain, he play Clark Kent as the main character with Superman being the alter ego. Every other actor has done it the other way around. I like Dean’s best for that reason, Clark is who he was, Superman was what he could do.

Tom Welling, he was a really good young Clark Kent, just figuring out what he could do with those powers. His place in the world so to speak. Tom made the role his own and never donned the suit that we saw onscreen.

George Reeves, he was the first to don the suit for television. He did a great job, those are super fun shows if you watch them for what they were. Entertainment. All of these shows and movies are for entertainment purposes. George was also in my all time favorite movie, GwtW (Gone with the Wind).  He was a Tarleton twin, in the porch scene, with Scarlett.

Brand Routh also did a decent job, I enjoyed the movie he was in playing the man of steel. I do enjoy him more in Legends of Tomorrow, he does a great Ray Palmer.

There have been many more actors who have lent their voices to Superman in the animated shows. Which I also enjoy, I loved Superfriends as a child, I love Justice League now, yes I still watch animated programming at my age. I have zero shame in that, I realize I am an oddity, at my age, being this completely geeky, really more nerd than geek.

I wonder when Lois Lane is celebrated? I haven’t looked that up, I will tell you Teri Hatcher is my favorite incarnation of the character. She played her ambition and neurosis perfectly, she was equal parts steel, paranoia, chocolate loving person. Teri brought her to life and she was way more than an adoring fan of Superman’s, she was in the thick of things. Seeking her own truth, justice and the American way.

So there you have it, of course this is only my opinion and in this world it really is the only one that counts.

I hope everyone has a Super day and any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at

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