I Used to Like Dreaming

Ok, so, I had the most disconcerting dream last night, or early morning as it were.

I was in a car with someone I know, Jeff, we were driving down a dark road behind a truck. The truck ran over something, not over with tires, the item was between the wheels. When we got up to it, turns out it was a child. The child stands up, is filthy, I open my door and say call 911. As I open my door I hear rustling in the field next to me. As if someone is coming towards us. I try and shut the door all the while screaming Drive Drive Drive. Which is when I wake up yelling drive! I totally scared the cat, the dog didn’t move.

After that I didn’t want to fall back asleep, I was terrified I would pick up where I woke up. So I’ve been awake for a long time today.

Today was a real Monday in the sense that we were swamped due to this whole Coronavirus. I don’t even know how to address it. So I’m not going to. What a nightmare for those of us who actually have to go to work during this.

Today I spoke to a nurse in San Antonio, she has a message for everyone. Stop hoarding toilet paper! It effects the respiratory system it does not cause diarrhea. We both laughed then cried a little for humanity.

I’m going to go to sleep early tonight and pray I don’t have a nightmare.

Peace out and share your TP with your elderly neighbors. In all seriousness, check on the stay at home moms and dads and the elderly. They may need some things.

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