Costco Run and Dean Cain

So yesterday I left my house, I went to Costco and then to get my hair done and then Target.

At Costco I was walking in at the same time another woman was, she and I looked at each other in horror. It was way crowded for a work day. She said I have five daughters at home, we need toilet paper. I said good luck, I said I’m here for my normal Costco run. Thank goodness I don’t need toilet paper, I did look, because Elizabeth Anne does need toilet paper. There was none, the employee I spoke with said that people were there when it opened and made a run for the paper goods. Ridiculous.

No one is admitting to hoarding the TP. I really want to know who is doing this.

No one symptom is diarrhea, so what are you people doing with all of that toilet paper? My guess is selling it for an exorbitant price, beyond ridiculous.

When I was getting my hair done, of course I was talking to my stylist, she said they told the aestheticians to go home for two weeks. Because they actually touch peoples faces, she didn’t know if they were being paid. The hair stylists were holding their breath hoping they don’t get sent home.

She agreed it was the stupidest thing ever, all of this panic, where was this panic for the avian flu? That killed way more people, or the swine flu, or ebola, which was way more deadly. I didn’t see a run on things then.

When I went to Target I noticed canned goods disappearing along with the paper goods. I did a little research and looked in the baby aisle, people are starting to take the baby wipes.

If you do not have a baby or toddler, please leave these items alone. There are parents that actually need these items.

While I was there I called my daughter-in-law that lives close to me, with my son, of course. And asked if they needed anything, she happened to be at Wal-Mart and they didn’t have any chicken, they did at Target. So I picked up chicken breasts for them, I have never seen anything like this.

All of you out there that are doing this, you are the problem. You are not getting what you need, you are hoarding, and when this blows over in a few weeks, you will have food that will go bad. So it is wasteful, and shame on you, people are now having to buy toilet paper out of the trunk of a car.

I just got my normal two week supply of food, that is all I need, that is all anyone needs.

So now, because of all of this madness, that the mass media is partially responsible for, there are real shortages. There is real price gouging, there is real need for real families. Shame on all of you doing this, especially with the goods that we all need, no one needs 5 cases of toilet paper.

On another note, Dallas Fan Expo has been postponed until June, the weekend I will be out of town for a wedding. This was not a hard choice to make, the wedding takes precedence. Yes, even over Dean Cain, there is nowhere I would rather be that weekend. Celebrating the joining of two special people and celebrating with their families.

It looks like no Dean for me in 2020, oh well, there is always 2021. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend and have enough toilet paper to last you the next two weeks at least.

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