Work From Home Adventure

Day one of working from home, this is a blessing and a curse, curse is a strong word. Not curse, I’m looking for a different word, I mean I love my alone time, I am a loner by nature. On the flip side I am a very social person, I love people, I love conversation and I love seeing my coworkers.

Most of the people I work with I have know over 10 years, some over 14 years, some longer. Coworkers become friends, friends become family, I miss my work family and it has only been one day.

On the other hand I got to work in my pajamas, then changed into workout clothes and took Storm for a walk at lunch.

Then another walk right after work, no commute, no traffic to fight, it was rather lovely.

There were a few glitches, mainly due to what was between the keyboard and the chair. But I got those worked out and for the most part it all worked the way it was supposed to. I look forward to tomorrow and it working even better, by it, I mean me.

Very exciting happenings here in Anna, TX, on one of our walks we found someone was so excited to be in quarantine they ran out of their clothing into their house.

Just a few minutes ago we found a turtle in the backyard. I have no idea how it got there, I don’t think any of my neighbors have one as a pet. Storm was very curious, I was afraid it would snap her nose off. I made her come in, until it can find its way out.

I watched The Ranch on Netflix recently, I binged it, of course, I decided if I can’t get a Dean (I’m not losing hope) then a Beau Bennet (aka Sam Elliot) will do nicely. He also misses Ronald Reagan, I think we would make quite the pair. Also, ranch in Colorado, in the mountains, bonus. I could have snow in the winter, real snow, a real winter, I could wear my boots for a much longer period of time with impunity. I didn’t get to wear all of my boots this year, still so many to wear, so many to acquire.

I bought an office chair, if I am going to work out of my home for a minimum of 2 months, I need a more comfortable chair. I only have my dining table ones and folding chairs, not exactly comfortable for 8 hour sitting.

So it came today, I had no idea I was going to have to put it together. It has screws and parts, what is even happening! I will do it this weekend when I can sit in the floor and cry while doing it. I’m too tired to face it right now.

I’ll save it so I have something to look forward to on my weekend.

I am really beating myself up for being lazy and not going to the nail salon for a pedicure before they shut everything down. My feet are frightful and sandal season is fast approaching, no one wants to see them in the state they are in. scary.

That’s all I have for now, oh, one bit of advice, if you are staying in for an extended period of time, don’t forget to go out and start your car every few days. Your battery will thank you.

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