Day 2

As I said yesterday I ordered an office chair to make my work from home time more comfortable.

I decide to open the box today and begin the onerous task of putting it together. Because I had no idea it didn’t come assembled. I open the box and take out all of the pieces and there are no instructions. I have no idea how to put this together!

I can’t hire someone because we are not supposed to have anyone in our homes! What am I supposed to do with this? I guess I could hire someone and have them assemble it on the porch. Or I could YouTube it and figure it out. I need Superman to come rescue me!! Dean where are you?! Beau Bennett where are you?!

I am not a handy person, I can do little things, hammer things, plant things. Change light bulbs, that’s about it.

I am literally laughing hard at my predicament, only I could order something I need during the apocalypse and it needs assembling.

Anyway, other than that, life is good, getting a little too solitary. When this is over I may end up hugging strangers in the street.

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