Isolation Positives

Ok, so, one of my friends posted on Facebook that she was looking for positive and uplifting posts.

I thought I would tell everyone about the positive things I’ve experienced during this time of aloneness.

First and foremost working from home is a delight, I feel almost no stress. I have no distractions, I cleared out my unused bedroom and put my work computer in there. I have no television, no radio, just me and my company phone and computer. I am thinking of getting some artwork for the walls. Or maybe talk my daughter-in-law into creating something for me. She’s incredibly talented.

I do have pictures of Dean Cain on my work “desk”, I have that in quotation marks due to it is a card table. I don’t want to purchase a desk until I see if this is going to be long term. A chair was one thing, I needed that for the health of my back. I also have my shoe calendar. Some amazing soul sent it to me. I still don’t know who did it. If you are reading this, I brought it home with me and I am enjoying seeing my shoe of the day.

I am getting to spend time with my pets, I love them so much. I do believe Ronald a.k.a. Fat Catstard, is over me. I think he wants me to go back to work. I’m torturing him, you’ll see why at the bottom of this missive.

I am all caught up on laundry, I have never been caught up on laundry, like ever. It’s amazing! Oh and I live in pajamas and workout clothes.

I bought a new pair of running shoes and they actually make me want to run. Before you judge, I ordered them online, I love them, they are purple Asics. I found a great deal and they are so comfortable and my feed don’t hurt after my walk/run with Storm.

Who loves being walked twice a day, she now knows when it’s time to go and waits eagerly by the pet gate for me to get the leash. She has her pink harness and she prances when she spies a human looking at her.

I miss human interaction on a daily basis, yes I talk to people all day on the phone. But I miss seeing actual humans.

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