Comfort Food and Other Ramblings

I’m going to start with I’m not sure what day it is anymore. I still love working from home, I’m not sure about the animals. Fat Catstard is definitely not happy, I have cut into his torture the dog time. Stormie however loves it, she sleeps at my feet while I work and is happy with the two walks a day situation.

Today is cold and rainy, I find myself wanting comfort food. My favorite comfort food of all time is the amazing Frito Chili Pie. You have to say that in an Oklahoma kind of way. And you have to say the whole thing, Frito Chili Pie. It rolls off of the tongue and invokes so many amazing Owasso Middle School memories. You could get one of those delicious creations from the snack bar.

The best ones used to come from Sonic, they don’t make them anymore, pity. There was nothing more comforting than a Sonic Frito Chili Pie, onion rings and a cherry limeade. I think my eyes just rolled to the back of my head envisioning that particular feast.

Sonic onion rings, invoking the name makes me want to jump in the car and drive to the nearest Sonic and buy some. How does one go to Sonic and not get onion rings? It simply isn’t done.

I miss my comfort food, no one makes a good Frito Chili Pie anymore. My friend Carol’s ex-mother-in-law used to make a great one. She called it a casserole and it was heavenly.

I know a lot of people are feeling uncertain during the time we are in now. I am not one of those, I have absolute faith God is on His throne and in control. I have no fear of man made situations.

I’m not stupid, I take precautions and prepare for the worst and hope for the best. My parents taught me very well how to survive anything. That’s the advantage of growing up with parent that grew up during The Depression. They taught me frugality and perseverance, all with a smile.

I pray everyone is keeping their sense of humor in all of this. Remember it’s better to laugh than to cry, if you have to cry, get it all out at once and then go back the business of living.

Watching a Dean Cain movie or show doesn’t hurt either, he is the prettiest man on the planet earth.

My work buddies

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