My Job

I’ve been doing a lot more of these on my phone. I typically don’t like to do that, a lot of times I write in long hand what I want to say then type it on my Mac.

However I find sitting at a computer for 8 hours in my home makes me not want to sit in front of one during my non working hours. So here I am on my phone.

I’m doing better today, a good friend called me Friday night and told me thank you for what I had written. It was everything she had been feeling. I have her a voice.

I always say that God uses us in the most unexpected ways, if He can use my silly little page to make one person feel less alone I’m grateful.

I’ve always thought the job I do is important, we keep people connected, I feel it even more so now. The other day a woman called in and I needed to send a technician out to fix her line. She told me she was a teacher and was doing classes on Zoom. Was there any way I could get someone out sooner. No. There wasn’t. We just don’t have the manpower. I then asked if she had hotspot capability on her phone. She said yes but she didn’t know how to use it.

I happily said I can totally help you with that, especially after she said she had an iPhone. I walked her through setting it up and connecting her laptop to it. I advised her not to connect anything else to it and she should be fine. I also told her it might lag as it doesn’t have the same speed as her regular internet but it would get her through the next couple of days.

She started to cry and told me thank you, I had lessened her stress for the day.

It’s what we all do, everyday, my coworkers and I try and lessen the stress of our customers just a little.

I know there are many workers out there that are still doing their jobs and keeping people connected. I salute all of you, you totally rock. We’re not doctors or nurses or grocery store workers, we work behinds the scenes making sure all of those people can keep connected to loved ones and others in their field.

To all of the linemen and linewomen, to the technicians actually going into peoples homes, I salute you. You all are rock stars!

That’s all I have for right now. I’m so happy I live close to Alex and Elicia, they have saved my sanity.

Peace out peeps, good Palm Sunday to you all, it was a different one. I pray peace and well being for you all.

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