Does that make my dog crazy

I’m beginning to realize my dog is incorrectly named. She very literally keeps stopping to smell the flowers. I keep saying you’re not Ferdinand, you’re a dog not a bull!! Nonetheless, stop and smell she must.

I should be asking does that make my dog crazy, however I believe it makes her quirky. Potato, potatoe.

This Friday is Good Friday and for the first time in a vary long time Tess and I will not spend that day together. I miss that girl more than words can properly express. She and I are like peas in a pod, I just got the new Star Wars movie on Blu-ray and was looking forward to watching it again with her. I know she and I saw it in the theater, but we still like watching movies again. And again. And again. Is that wrong? I don’t want to be right if it is.

I talk to people all over the country all day long. Every one of them say the same thing. This is the strangest thing they’ve ever been through. Some people are stressed, some have a sense of humor about the situation, some are hurting.

I’m still loving working from home, saving money on gas and wear and tear on my car is lovely. Wearing pajamas and workout clothes is also in the plus column.

That’s all I have for now. Please know that if you are living in a house with people around you I really hope you don’t take that for granted.

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