25 Years Ago

I choose to live in Texas, a great state in and of itself. I am from Oklahoma, a state that is filled with people who are strong, resilient, intelligent, warm, kind and when the chips are down, there.

On this day twenty-five years ago those traits were on full display for not only the country to see but the whole world as well.

To say I am proud of my fellow Oklahomans and the way they responded to the Alfred P. Murrah building being bombed would be an understatement. I don’t know if I have the proper words to express my deep love and admiration I have for my people. I’ll try.

We lost so much that day, many of us lost relatives, mother, fathers, daughters, grandchildren, spouses and cousins. It is inconceivable to think of the evil that existed that caused this to happen.

My heart still breaks for my home state’s loss, the loss of life, the loss of innocence, the loss of peace. No one could have ever even foreseen anything of this nature happening in middle America.

We were not an international hub, not a must see state for other countries. We have a hard history behind us. We are a people of perseverance, the dust bowl and the depression taught our people to be tough.

Under the toughness we have kindness, through our tough times we learned to lean on each other and get through it together.

This time we saw the rest of the country come to our aide, we saw that we were loved and the nation mourned with us.

We overcame, we came out stronger, the way we usually do, but we also came out a little battered.

When you think of my home state today, say a prayer for our heart. And know that we appreciate the rest of our countrymen coming to our aide that day.

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