I am very literally in Nerdvana right now, please allow me to tell you how my week is going so far and of what is to come.

So on Monday  (or it may have been Sunday, my days are running together) Teri Hatcher announces she will be doing a live Instagram with Dean Cain! I literally did the dance of joy (Joss Whedon fans will get that) then I started panicking, what if I can’t watch! I do have work!

Thankfully it timed perfectly with my final break of the day, I was so happy to be able to tune in, especially since the event I was supposed to see them both at was postponed until June. When I have a wedding to attend, praying this lockdown is over by then. Which meant I would not be able to see them together at all. What a lovely option to have, to see them doing a live feed, together, apart. 

You can feel how genuine their friendship is, the easy banter was delightful and refreshing. It is a great example of how two people who differ politically can maintain a friendship.

I will tell you this during the course of their live conversation, Teri asked Dean how he was able to maintain friendships when politics are so different. Dean said well tell me what policies you disagree with, I bet we are not so different. She grew coy and hemmed and hawed and said well and said a name, Dean said that is not a policy. I asked for a specific policy, she said don’t make me do this. She is the one that started that conversation and this is nothing against Teri, please do not misconstrue this as a criticism.

However, her response is what is systemically wrong with society as a whole. Not just here in the United States, not liking the person who was duly elected is not a policy. If someone can actually tell me a policy they disagree with, then we can have a discussion. But so few people today can actually discuss policy, they want to make it personal and they want to just say well this person or that person. I don’t like them, that is not policy.

I have friends I don’t agree with politically but I can maintain a friendship, I will tell you rarely do they discuss policy. This is on both sides of the fence, it is not directed at one or the other, I have seen it on both sides. Nonetheless I enjoyed their banter and loved their discourse and would love to see them act together in a project, even if it is not Superman.

The next thing my inner Nerd Girl, ok not so inner, is happy about, is Chuck! The cast of Chuck is doing a live table read of one of their scripts on Friday. It is for charity, I will post the link at the bottom, it is to raise money to help feed families across America.

What a great, fun way to raise money for a great cause. I know I am new to the world of Chuck, but I have watched the series in it’s entirety now 5 times. It is just so watchable and fun. The characters are just greatness and the actors who brought them to life were fantastic at it. I look forward to watching them have fun again.

I am having the best Nerd week EVER! I hope you all have a great week and are able to find joy in the every day things that are around you.

If you are able to spare a little I know it would be appreciated. This is a great cause and the money is all going to help feed people in our own communities.

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