CTJ and Judgements

Ok, so I had a CTJ, for those of you that are not familiar, that is a Come to Jesus meeting. I had that meeting with myself, it wasn’t pretty but it was much needed.

I was perusing Facebook when someone’s post caught my eye. It said how stressed they were with being in isolation with their family.

At first I was judgmental, because they get to be with someone, they have someone to talk to, they are not left alone, they don’t live in a shack. They have entertainments readily available.

Then I stopped, just stopped, what do I know about that persons life. Nothing that they don’t want others to know about on Facebook. I don’t know what their stresses are, so I stopped.

I’m sure others look at me and judge as well, I live in a nice house, plenty of food, my bills are paid and I am still able to work and provide for myself. I am not totally alone, I do have my pets and I am able to see Alex and Elicia.

Every human deals with different things differently, i am not that stressed. I miss Friday night dinners and pedicures. But I’m not stressed out about them being ripped away from me.

I have been thinking about quarantine hair, I really want purple back in my hair. I am thinking purple on the underside. I have red right now, all over, why not have both of my favorite color on my head.

I’ve been watching a lot of Brad Mondo’s videos on Facebook. He’s an amazing hair stylist and he loves color. If I ever go to New York I am going to do my best to get an appointment with him. I’m completely obsessed with watching his videos.

Last night I started watching Mrs America on Hulu. It’s about both sides of the ERA battle in the 1970’s. It’s fascinating, the extremes on both sides.

I’ll leave you with that. I’m tired now and going to sleep. Peace out peeps.

One Reply to “CTJ and Judgements”

  1. We are humsn and we have a natural inclination to pass judgment on others. What differentiates us, is when you stop as you did and realize it is not our place . When you wonder about their life, their circumstances , you are showing your compassion or empathy for their situation. That puts you in a small part of the population I like to call remarkable .


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