I have a confession to make, yesterday I started thinking. That is not always a good thing with me. I was thinking about my mom and how she would pray for me.

Then I started thinking how I haven’t had anyone in my life that has prayed for me since she left this earth. I became resigned to the idea that no one would ever pray for me again. It made me sad, then I went to sleep.

The next morning, today, I received from two different women in my life this:

God showed me not one but two of my friends were praying for me. God’s timing is always perfect and always on time. Gail and Michelle I want you both to know you two are in my daily prayers!

That’s the way it works, God knows what we need when we need it. Now I know what you are going to say, there are more people than these two ladies that pray for me.

But it was these two that God placed on their hearts the job of reaching out to me and telling me that I was in their prayers.

I take prayer very seriously, if I tell someone I am praying for them then they can take that to the bank.

I’ll confess something else, I very rarely tell God what I need or want in my life. And that is a mistake, we are supposed to take the desires of our heart to Him. I have problems with that, a lesson I’m still learning. Even at my advanced age I still have lessons to learn.

Never take for granted the people in your life that intercede in prayer on your behalf. I know I don’t.

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