A Soapbox and a High Horse

Please wait while I get my soapbox out to climb on my high horse, because I feel a full fledged Angie Rant coming on.

One would think that with all in the world going on that these things would stop making the rounds.

I am talking about the meme saying that if you don’t cook or clean you are not a real woman, or the one that says if you don’t have curves you are not a real woman, or the one that says if you are fat you are not a real woman.

I consider myself a real woman, but let’s take inventory shall we:

I am not skinny

I am a horrible cook

I am a horrible housekeeper

I also cannot get a man to look at me to save my life.

According to some that would make me not a real woman.

I can configure a router, I can talk superheroes with the best of them, I can eat what other people cook, I can read, I am a decent writer, I am very charming and can hold a great conversation, and the pièce de résistance I raised three amazing humans. As a single mother, although I did not raise them alone, they had a dad, a very involved dad. I love Jesus Christ, that should make me a real woman, but sadly, according to the internet it does not.

I look to twitter to find out what a real woman is, it is even more confusing. Because the Conservative women and the Liberal women are constantly battling. For the record, I am an Independent woman.

According to the Conservative women I have to be attractive, a great cook, keep an impeccable house.

According to the Liberal women I have to hate Conservatives, be above men and not have a non emotional argument.

I am neither of those things, I believe in equal rights, I am not a feminist, I am an equal rights advocate. No one above the other, I also believe in real arguments, non emotional ones.

My daughter is a real woman, she can cook cereal, she owns her own farm and works harder than anyone I know. My dad and grandfather would be incredibly proud of her. She is an animal whisperer, the Ellie Mae of Texas. She is also beautiful, intelligent, funny and amazing.

My daughter-in-law is a real woman, she has 4 children and took on a bonus one in my granddaughter. She works in the medical field and is on the front lines. According to her she is not a great cook (I beg to differ), she keeps an impeccable house. She is also funny and smart and beautiful.

My other daughter-in-law is a real woman, she is smart, funny, beautiful and another hard worker. She is a great cook, keeps an impeccable house and has owned her own business. She is also handy and can fix anything.

We are all different, we all bring something different to the table. We are all real women, we look different, we are different at different things and we all see the value in each other.

Why can’t women everywhere do that? Why do we have to pitted against each other and say oh if you can’t cook then you are not a real woman?

I am watching a show on Hulu about the ratification of the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment). Women were at each others throat over this thing. The ERA needed to be an amendment, we were never going to get equal pay or anything else without it.

But it goes deeper than women’s rights, it is the Equal Rights Amendment, we all deserve equal rights in this country. In The United States of America, one nation, under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for ALL.

Not for a few, for ALL. It’s right there in the pledge of allegiance.

We cannot forget that, ALL, equal rights not for a few but for ALL of America’s citizens.

Climbing off of my high horse now, putting up my soapbox and relaxing for the rest of the evening.

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