Is anyone else have strange dreams while on lockdown? Only me? Quarandreams. That’s what I call them. Last nights dream was completely off the rails. Wheels off. That’s what it was.

I dreamed I was working in the office only the office was in Tulsa and I was commuting every day from Texas. I was carpooling with someone from my office and my mother in law, Mike. So we drive every day, 5 hours each way to go to work.

While in Tulsa I get a call from my sister telling me to come and get some of our mothers’ plants. which is weird in itself because our mom passed in 2003. I talk my coworker who is driving to go by my moms’ house so I can pick up said plants. Mike goes in with me and we get three plants, and suddenly Jeffrey (my oldest son) is there saying mom don’t get that plant get this one. He points to a plant that I actually have right now. I said ok and he lifts it and takes it out to his car.

We then drive back to Texas and I take my plants in the house. Where they overtake the house and now I am living with a jungle.

It was literally the strangest dream I have had in a long time, since this whole quarantine has started I have had some strange dreams but this one took the cake.

on another note, here is a message to Dean Cain in response to his VM to one of my twitter peeps:


I am right here! Just pick up the phone and call, or message me, send smoke signals! I’ll drop everything and help you move to Texas. 

There you go, there is your funny for the day and those of you who saw the message, you know what that is in response to. I am very positive he gets a lot of messages just like that.


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