I Hope I was Useful

As you all know, or should know by now, I have a deep love for Kellie Rasberry of Kidd Kraddick in the Morning fame. I have been listening to the show for so many years, I can’t even count anymore.

Anyway, she does a segment called Love Letters to Kellie, because she is the love expert. Well, now she has a podcast called the same, due to the fact that they received so many letters it was impossible to answer them all on air.

I was listening last week when she read a letter that compelled me to write to the podcast. All of these years and I have never been compelled to write to Kellie. But this letter touched my very soul and I knew I had something positive to contribute to the conversation.

You see it wasn’t a normal love letter, it was a woman writing in asking for advice regarding a teenager she and her husband had taken in. Their nephew, it touched me on many levels, my aunt and uncle had taken me in.

They were having issue integrating him into their lives and he was being a teenager plus add the whole never having had a stable home in his life problems.

Well that can be a mess, I know first hand how that feels, with me being the teenager. I told Kellie that I had been where that boy was right now. I was the troubled teen who was angry and sad and distrustful.

I told them how my great aunt and uncle making the decision to take me in and give me stability for the first time in my life change me. But it wasn’t an easy change, I was resistant, I didn’t trust it, I was waiting for them to change their mind and  dump me off at the next relatives house.

I was horrible, even more than a normal teenager, but they stayed consistent, they showed me by their actions that they were not sending me anywhere. Eventually I began to trust them and they became my parents in every way, even legally.

Today, on my lunch, I was listening to the new episode of the podcast and they gave an update on how the woman was doing. She said that things were so much better, that she had asked her husband listen to her letter being read by Kellie. After that his attitude toward the boy changed, he has begun including him in conversations and asking him questions. Getting his opinion on movies, shows and games and things. While some might not thing this is a big deal, it is, to this teenage it is, and I love it.

Several people had written in after the previous episode who had been through the same thing, taking in a teenage relative. They asked her if any had been helpful, she said yes, that everyone had given her some good advice and good information and also resources.

She then said that the response of the woman who had been through the same thing as the teen had touched her. Especially the part where she had been awful, waiting to be thrown out again, not trusting.

I started to cry listening, let me tell you tears and spaghetti squash do not go together.

I thanked God in that moment, if any of my experiences can help one person here on earth then it was worth it.

I highly recommend the Love Letters podcast along with A Sandwich and Some Lovin.

That’s all I have for now, I hope you all have a great day and Thank Goodness Tomorrow is My Friday!

One Reply to “I Hope I was Useful”

  1. You just made my day better . We always wonder when we are actually doing God’s work. It is when we share those experiences, we made it through with his grace, so that others can benefit from them as well.

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