Once and Again

Way back in the olden days there was a television show called Once and again. It was hands down one of my favorite shows. It was a slice of life show that was in some part depicting my life at the time.

At the core it was about starting over after a divorce. These two unbelievably beautiful people find each other. Self Ward, who is undeniably one of the most beautiful women in the world played Lily Manning, single mom who meets Billy Campbell who is so good looking it makes my teeth hurt, he played Rick Sammler.

So these two beautiful people find each other and chaos ensues as their children and exes are not having it.

I loved this show because it gave me false hope and at times we all need that to continue on.

The reason I bring this up is because I’ve been looking for it on streaming services. I finally found it on YouTube. Someone uploaded all three seasons. I am delighting in the total angsty sudsiness of it all.

Of course the most beautiful people on earth navigate towards each other and that’s what this show teaches me.

It also makes me very grateful for the children I have. Man alive these kids are whiny!

The show has held up well, the storyline resonates with as much now as it did then. I do like the way Rick doesn’t allow his son to disrespect his mother, Rick’s ex-wife.

Of course his ex-wife is the Borg Queen, Susanna Thompson, so maybe they should all be a little scared.

The show still gives me hope, the possibility of having love in my life, romantic love. I have love in my life.

I have my incredible children, Tessa, family, friends that never cease to amaze me with their loyalty and love.

In case you’re wondering I have not given up on the prettiest man on earth. God is listening and He knows I’ve earned that.

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