Once and Some Revelations

So, watching Once and Again at this stage in my life I realize how much I have in common with Karen. Played by the incredible Susanna Thompson, the way she portrayed this woman slowly losing her her children (she thinks) as they grow up.

The episode of the first Thanksgiving that Rick and Lily are married, It’s Rick’s holiday with their children.

Her daughter Jessie says mom what are you doing, Karen says she’ll be with friends. Then cancels those plans, because it’s all too much. Sharing a holiday this is uniquely family oriented with someone that is not family, well, it’s too much.

The look that she has, I know it all to well, I understand Karen in a way I didn’t the first time I watched this series.

Every character in this series is just so well done, I really wish it were streaming on something other than YouTube. Some of the episodes are missing and a lot of them are really poor quality. Which is why I had to buy the series. Well the first two seasons.

Speaking of series, let’s talk Stargirl, this series is everything Supergirl should have been. It is pure fun, unadulterated, old fashioned superhero fun.

As you know I really wanted to love Supergirl, but it is so preachy and sudsy and filled with SJW stuff. All of those things belong in a teen angst show, not a superhero show.

None of that is present in Stargirl, so far, I’m two episodes in and am enjoying it immensely.

On a different superhero front, Dean Cain likes two of my tweets in the past week. I believe you all know what that means. It’s just a matter of time.


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