And Now for Some Seriousness

So someone on twitter said they didn’t understand the Black Lives Matter thing, they said don’t all lives matter. Yes, all lives do matter, however, that is not what is being said, that black lives matter more than anyone else’s life.

A friend of mine, Anthony, posted a meme that explained it very simply and so elegantly that I asked if I could share it. He said yes, so I am going to post it here, but I wanted to expound on it as well.

Once again, I am not an expert, I am not black, I have never lived a black experience. I simply thought that the information I am going to give everyone was thought provoking.

Everyday we are learning about each other, even though we have all been on this earth for thousands of years we are still learning.

Ignorance is not bliss but ignorance can be corrected, I would rather speak with someone ignorant than an idiot. I recognize not everyone is as exposed as others as far as interacting on a daily basis with people of different cultures, skin colors, accents or whatever the difference is.

I am going to tell you a story my mom told me to maybe bring a little light to how we are all continually learning and evolving.

When she and my dad were traveling from Oklahoma to California during the depression looking for work their car broke down in New Mexico.

There they were, on the side of the road, darkness approaching, with two very young children. The only people that stopped didn’t speak english. They were Hispanic, they managed to make my parents understand that they should go home with them and they would take care of the car problem in the daylight hours.

So my very trusting parents went with the people they didn’t know, the people that were a different skin color, people that didn’t speak their language.

My mom said these people shared their food with them and made sure they got a good nights sleep. The next morning they drove them back to the car and helped them fix it, gave my parents food for lunch and sent them on their way.

My mother had never met anyone that was not like her, she grew up in very rural Oklahoma. She said that it taught her something, she said we are all alike, we all just want to really help each other and make sure our children have a better life.

Ignorance can be cured, stupidity cannot, we should all remember that. Love also is a big cure for ignorance, God bless those strangers and their generosity, they not only helped a young couple, they showed them that even in our differences we are the same.

Here is the meme, I hope you read the words as they are intended and I hope you all have your moment in the daylight, realizing we all just want better for our progeny.

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