Fat Catstard

This morning I awoke to the most disturbing thing ever. Fat Catstard was casually lying on my chest, staring me in the eyes and softly meowed. Correction, it was more like mow, very soft, very low.

Much like the scene in Endgame, when Thor is on the Guardians of the Galaxy’s ship and Starlord says I’m in charge and looks at Thor. Thor says Of course. The looks Quill in the eyes and whispers of course. That is exactly the same look Fat Catstard had this morning. Letting me know he is in charge but allowing me to think I am.

So I gave Stormie and Ronald new babies that look like them, Storm loves hers, Ronald hisses at his. It’s very amusing to watch, could explain the menacing meow this morning.

I left my house Thursday evening to go to Costco and Target. Highly successful trips to both, Target of course got way more of my money than I had intended. Darn them and their terrific layout and tempting products.

Friday I had to have a technician come and move my RG, which is a residential gateway, modem, router, whatever you want to call it that is what it is.

He was here within the appointment window and did his job and left within 10 minutes. It was a great appointment. That’s really all I have for now. I hope you all have a rest day, peace out peeps.

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