Since it is Father’s Day I’d like to share what I call Foyisms, they are the things my dad would say. He was incredibly wise and very funny, everything came with a dose of humor. So sit back and enjoy a few Foyisms:

Its better to laugh than to cry. He lived this one, he would find the humor in almost everything.

This is not Thumper, for goodness sake stop yelling! This was after he brought a skinned rabbit in the house for my mother to cook.

Don’t let the sun set on your anger.

You can call me anything, just call me in time for dinner.

You can just get glad in the same britches you got mad in.

Don’t eat any worms! (as I was leaving the house mad, in case you are not familiar with this one, there was an old song: Nobody likes me, everybody hates me I’ll just go out and eat some worms).

Quit putting on war paint and get in the car, we’re going to be late for church. (war paint was makeup)

Speaking of:

All of that war paint is going to stain your face that color.

If you put on that war paint no one will recognize you

And my ultimate favorite:

If you don’t behave I will throw away your war paint.

Stand up for those not able to stand up for themselves.

If you follow Jesus he will not lead you off of a cliff, the way your friends will. (Tammi he wasn’t referring to you, it was Pam.)

You’re the getting in trouble kind of pretty, so no, you cannot leave the house with that boy I don’t know.

And after I got my first job, if you don’t have anything to do, pick up a rag and clean, they are not paying you to look pretty. (They weren’t for the record, it was TG&Y)

Those are just a few, I miss my dad and his wisdom, I miss him a lot, some days more than most.

He didn’t have to be my dad, he chose to be my dad, and he was the best dad.

Happy Father’s day to all of the dads out there, may your children remember your witticisms long after you are gone.


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