The Fight Continues

Since my last post I have had several suggestions in my fight to regain my semblance of normalcy with the battle against menopause.

Such an ugly word, isn’t there a better one? I mean I feel like I am battle to keep who I am, to keep the enemy at bay. To keep my standing as Empress of the Universe! Or at least Angie World.

I asked a friend of mine, Amy, who is just genius at finding natural armor against any fight known in the human world. She had a few suggestions, I also received suggestions from another friend from what her mom had done in this battle. It is not something we need to fight alone, the word itself, due to it’s ugliness, confines us in an alone atmosphere. The word that cannot be said in polite company, the one that makes people cringe. No more I say, let’s normalize this! It happens to ever single woman on the face of the planet!

Which begs the next question, does it happen on other planets? I hope I live long enough to find out, I digress, here are some of the things I am trying. Mind you I just bought them yesterday as that was my normal store trip. I shall report again in one week, we shall take this one week at a time. Here goes:

Organic yams (not the first time I have heard this, great suggestion)

Pre-natal vitamins, this is a first I have not heard that before.

A combination of peppermint and clary sage essential oils in a roll bottle.

Phytoestrogen complex, this I had never heard of, I went to Whole Foods and was directed to the brand EstroPause. I bought that, will report back.

Maca powder, in smoothies. Not sure what this does, but I am willing to try it.

I also found, at Whole Foods something called Nighttime Comfort, it is supposed to help with the hot flashes at night.

I will take pictures of everything I bought, except the yams, I hope you all know what that looks like, and put them on this post. I have also put an order in for the Doterra LLV supplements.

Also a diet high in healthy fats and less carbs, which I do already.

Give me a week, we shall see if I am back to my feisty self, on another front I am getting my week with Tess.

I shall have her week after next, I am very excited, we will not have our normal adventures but I do have a few surprises to make our time memorable.

I found a Twinkie maker! How cool is that! It has recipes and we will shop for the ingredients and make them. Hopefully some family members can join us for the Twinkie making, that would be lovely.

I finished the last episode of Eureka this morning, I had forgotten how it ended, it was satisfying. Some series do not end on a satisfying note, but this one did.

I hope you all have a great weekend and a fantastic week.

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