Brain Issues

I have a couple of things to talk about today and one involves my complete lack of brain matter.

So I ordered some Fitish products, they sent me an email for 40% off, so how could I resist. I placed my order and waited, it wasn’t a long wait, less than 24 hours later I received a notice that said it was delivered.

I eagerly went to my mailbox, not there, I looked at the mailing information in my email and I had put the wrong address. Yes one number off, so I went to the address that was on there, it doesn’t exist.

So I called the post office, which called me back, because there was an hour wait, I opted for the call back. Not really believing they would, but they did and the rep was incredibly nice and helpful and said she would contact the local post office.

A few hours later I get a call, it is my mail carrier herself! You see this is the advantage of living in a small town. She calls and says she had located the package and it was on my front porch. I wasn’t home, I was busy getting my hair done, I said Oh my goodness, thank you so much!

She said that there are two house on my street that order a lot, and she had taken it to the other one. I am one of two that order a lot on my street, let that sink in.

I thanked her profusely and she said if I had any other problems to just call her.

We usually hear all of the bad things about the United States Post Office, so I thought I would tell the good thing that happened to me.

Even the rep on Twitter reached out to me and was incredibly professional and helpful.

Next was Fitish itself, I replied the email saying no it wasn’t deliver and it was all my fault. I then told them I had been in contact with the post office and was sure they would be able to help me. They then sent me a reply saying keep them informed of the outcome.

Great customer service, it is a small company locally owned by Jenna Owens and she is fantastic as are the people she has hired.

I did go and have my hair done yesterday, it is now dark red with dark caramel highlights. It looks so awesome! I am so happy with the work Sarah does. Since it was my first real human contact in a while, face to face as it were, we both talked a lot. We talked about how unusual my hair it, I have fine, thick, curly hair, which is strange, usually curly hair is coarse, fine hair is thin. So yay me for another strange thing about me.

I then went to Target, while checking out I got a hot flash, while wearing a mask. Let me tell you, that was the most uncomfortable I have ever been! A hot flash is bad enough, but in a mask it is even worse, because I started to sweat, which made the air wet in the mask. I have Pleurisy, so this is not a good atmosphere for me. As soon as I hit the door I tore that thing off and filled my lungs with fresh air.
With the mandate of masks everywhere now I don’t even know what to do. The mask I had on was a little thicker, so I am going to get a thin material mask for my next outing.

I hope you all have a great day, shop Fitish, they are awesome and their customer service is incredible.

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