Dean, Luke and Everything In Between

I’m a bad fan, let’s get that out of the way right from the start. Dean Cain is incredibly prolific, I checked on IMDB to see how many things there are of his to watch and this is what I found:

172 credits, as an actor, 172, let that sink in, I don’t have that kind of time!

I admit, I don’t watch the one that is on the CW right now, the Master of Illusion, it’s reality and I’m not a huge fan of reality.

I tried to watch it, but just could not get into it, no offense, it is just not my kind of show.

However, this could work in my favor, bad fan equals great wife, right! Although, Luke Pasqualino is rapidly taking up space in my heart.

He is so incredibly pretty it literally makes my back teeth hurt. I don’t really know what that means but my friend Walter used to say it about pretty men.

So here I sit, the next three days off, what do you have planned, I am so glad you asked.

I am getting my hair done tomorrow and shopping, it will be a big shopping trip as I have to get things for my week with Tess! Very excited that the EIT is coming for her yearly weeklong adventure with Gigi.

We shall do all kinds of fun things, not our normal fun things, but fun nonetheless.

I am currently watching Alias, or rewatching, as I was a huge fan when it had its first run back in 2001. A few takeaways, Jennifer Garner is literally not aging, like at all. No one delivers a scathing line like Victor Garber. I thought I did but he has me beat hands down. I kind of want to hear him say whatever. Just to know if I still own that or if he has me beat on that as well.

So while I am busy watching Alias, I know what you are thinking, I have time to watch all 172 things Dean Cain is in. I don’t, you see after I watch a few episodes of Alias I round out my evening with an episode of The Musketeers. Luke. Always back to Luke.

So there you have it folks, my very interesting life, I am thinking of changing my hair color again. But I really like the dark red with the caramel highlights, so there’s that. I am also going to have her do it curly, and not straighten it. In the summer I can’t fight the curly and it is so humid outside.

I figured out what the headaches were, it is the barometric pressure. When it gets like this it really effects my head, literally.

July is a busy month, Tessa, Alex, my mom and Dean all have birthdays.

I hope you all have a great day and a great week. Of course I will be posting on 4th of July. I love this country and my family has personally sacrificed a lot to this country. Beginning in 1774, naturally if feel the need to express that love and pay homage to the ones that came before me and all that was sacrificed so I can live the life I have.

2 Replies to “Dean, Luke and Everything In Between”

  1. Okay…where to start.. Luke P. Didn’t know who he was . Looked him up, not bad, but when I view a page of images of Luke and a page of Dean’s images, there is no comparison. Dean clearly is prettier hands down. Maybe it’s a height thing..Dean is awfully short at 6 feet, leaving Luke towering over him with a full 2″. No, probably not height. Age thing, going for the younger guy… doesn’t seem like you either. Okay, let’s admit it right now you are captivated by d’Artagnan, nothing wrong with that. Also congratulations,there are so many ways to be a super fan and you have had that locked up for years, what amazes me is how much TV you actually watch. Now let me ask you this, before you saw Luca portray d’Artagnan, having read the book, which I know you have, if you closed your eyes was he the image you had? I thing burgundy with caramel highlights sounds pretty. What does Tess think? Enjoy your week Gigi. I also love July 4th it’s my favorite holiday after Easter. I tear up when I hear the Star Spangled Banner!


    1. Well I will tell you Michael York was a really great d’Artagnan, this one plays a different side of him, you see his immaturity and we get to see him grow as a man, as a musketeer, as a loyal servant to his country. Being a series he gets to go more in depth with the character. I do love Dean, in the end we all know he will win, but what man doesn’t need competition? Maybe this will motivate him! Tess hasn’t seen my hair yet, her mom put purple highlights in hers! wash out color of course, at her age. but fun! I am so excited to spend my week with Tess! I bought that Twinkie maker! I cannot wait to do that with her! I love 4th of July as well, I am going to be able to spend it at my son’s house this year. in the country with no judgmental eyes on our gathering! Enjoy your 4th Michelle! I treasure our friendship! I know you miss the perky Angie!! LOL


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